Industry Glass Solutions

Keep glass features at your business in top condition by utilizing the commercial glass care services from Glass Doctor¨ of Kingman. Our offerings are specifically aimed at businesses in a number of industries to best suit your needs. Plus, all businesses can benefit from our Commercial Care program, which provides you with membership pricing on all work, including emergency board-ups. Trust our team to make your business better no matter your industry.

Commercial Glass Care in Kingman

Apartments and Condominiums

Improve the comfort of your apartments or condominiums with our commercial glass care services. Replace outdate windows with double pane windows to improve energy efficiency and reduce noise pollution between units. When you choose Glass Doctor of Kingman, your residents will receive a 15% discount on auto glass, allowing them to save on services like windshield repairs and tempered glass replacements.

apartment windows


Improve the appearance and functionality of your restaurant both indoors and out. We offer you the option of expanding your current services to include drive-thru food delivery. Our team will install sliding drive-up windows or sneeze guards for a buffet. We will also create a more modern look in any area of your restaurant by retrofitting the design or creating an entirely new glass feature walls. Trust our team to positively impact your business with our glass installations.


Glass is essential in many areas of your school, including safety glass in laboratories and one-way observation glass in offices. Work with us to create a custom display case to home your school achievements or update desks with glass tabletops. If you have living quarters at school, use our commercial glass care services to enhance aesthetics with new shower doors and mirrors. We also lower you bottom line with double pane windows, which are more energy efficient than the single pane units many schools were built with originally./p>

Retail Businesses

Improve sales with a few simple changes to your glass. Start the moment customers walk through the door with an attractive entryway. Options for this glass include etched and beveled for appearance or fire- and bullet-resistant for safety. Next, refine the shopping experience with glass shelves and display cases. Finally, update your dressing room mirrors to allow customers to check out your apparel from every angle./p>


Update your hotel rooms to help clients feel more at home. We design custom mirrors and tub enclosures to turn an ordinary bathroom into a luxurious spa. Prevent accidents and liabilities by changing to safety glass for features around your pool and at your onsite gym. We strive to make every room a comfortable space, so guest are enticed to return.

Cities and Municipalities

At Glass Doctor of Kingman, we will protect buildings around your city from fire, harsh weather, and other damage with our safety glass. Plus, cut down on energy and maintenance costs by updating windows and glass in your entryways. These simple renovations will make older buildings function better and lower overhead costs.

For more information about any of the above commercial glass care services, contact us at Glass Doctor of Kingman. If your business does not fall into any of the above categories, talk to our specialist to find out what we can do for you.