Custom Glass Solutions

At Glass Doctor® of Kingman, our specialists are trained to create traditional and custom glass decor. From tabletops and glass shelves to patio and French doors, we will customize pieces to your exact desires. As an added benefit, our low-emissivity (Low-E) glass products can protect your furniture and prized possessions from erosive UV rays, which means your carpets and tables will look like new for longer. No matter your personal style or budget, contact our team to see how a new glass piece will enhance your home.

Custom Glass Decor for Every Home

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Whether you want to update existing furniture or you have an idea for a custom piece that you need help bringing to life, our experts can help. Choose from a variety of customs shapes and sizes, as well as, tints and edge finishes.

With so many choices, it helps to work with an expert. One of our design specialists will come to your home, answer all your questions and discuss your options, including any safety issues. Heavy glass needs the right amount of support and tempered and laminated options can be used to protect your family from breakages. All these important safety and design issues will be discussed during your free consultation.

Custom Mirrors

Interior designers know that the best way to add light and extra dimension to a dark and cramped room is with a decorative mirror. At Glass Doctor of Kingman, we can help you create a custom mirror that enhances light and makes any space feel bigger, warmer and more inviting. During an in-home consultation, we will walk you through the various custom mirror options, which are proven to bring depth and beauty to any room.

Patio and French Doors

As part of our custom glass decor services, we also restore and replace a variety of glass doors and inserts. Choose from double-pane windows with blinds, doorlites, side panes or any other decorative glass with matching side window panes. Rest assured that our all-weather glass meets or exceeds industry standards. In fact, both energy efficient and hurricane-rated laminated glass options are available. Perhaps best of all, our close working relationships with national vendors mean that we can receive glass products faster than you would expect.

Low-E Glass Windows

We recommend homeowners consider adding Low-E panes to their homes, especially if sunlight floods your common rooms. Low-E panes are like sunglasses for your house. These panes feature a thin metallic coating that can reduce light transmission by 10%, while also reducing glare and blocking harmful UV rays. This means less damage from sunlight, which can cause carpets, drapes and furniture to fade and look old before their time. Low-E glass is also becoming an increasingly popular option in both residential and commercial applications because it helps to control indoor climates and keep energy costs low. You can enjoy sunlight without also letting in unwanted heat. Low-E glass is a great way to reduce utility bills while also increasing the value of your home.

The Glass Decor Experts of Kingman

Our team will surpass your expectations. We will create custom pieces suited to your home, which enhance the beauty and function of the property. Count on our specialists to deliver quality service. Call today to learn more about our custom glass decor options.