Advance Measurement System

Prepare for the unexpected when you include our Advance Measurement system in your preemptive glass care plan. When you opt for the Advance Measurement system, our glass repair and replacement experts will create a customized diagram that portrays the exact measurements, special requirements and location of all of the glass doors, windows and other glass products in your facility. This information will then be used to help keep your business safe and secure when your next glass disaster strikes.,/p>

Enjoy Faster Emergency Repairs

Choose to participate in the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Kingman and enjoy the convenience of experiencing faster, more efficient emergency repair of broken windows and doors. The unique diagram we provide enables us to match the number of your damaged pane with the corresponding information in our file instantly so we can assess your needs and compare them with the glass we have in stock without delay. If your replacement pane is available, our specialists will complete debris removal and new glass installation in a single visit, saving you time, money and a board-up.

In-Stock Options

Glass Doctor of Kingman offers the convenience of an in-stock option to ensure that frequently damaged areas can be repaired right away. If certain glass in your building suffers recurring damage due to vandalism, environmental hazards or high-traffic exposure, be sure to ask about our in-stock options to enhance your preemptive glass care plan.

Benefits of Our Advance Measurement System

  • Savings: Completing debris removal, repair and installation in a single trip saves you time and money.
  • Convenience: More efficient repairs and 24-hour service means your daily business transactions are uninterrupted.
  • Liability: Reduce the risk of customer and employee injury when damaged glass is repaired right away.
  • Security: Protect your business from unnecessary exposure to vandalism and theft.
  • Image: Avoid unsightly board-ups and maintain a more favorable store appearance.
  • Credit: Eliminate billing conflicts with pre-established credit.

Contact Glass Doctor of Kingman today to schedule your Advance Measurement system inspection and let us keep your business protected.