Door Closer Repair Service

When staff or customers leave your doors open, insects, pests, and debris can enter your building and create an unappealing atmosphere. Glass Doctor® offers full service door closer care, including installation and on-going maintenance, so your doors maintain a seal and remain shut when they are not in use.

Door Closer Operation

A door consists of a gear box, which attaches to the door, and a spring controlled arm. When someone opens the door, he or she feels resistance from the arm, which prevents the door from opening faster than intended. After the door stops moving and the pressure on the door is released, the door closer slowly guides the door closed.

Door closer care is necessary for the optimal operation of the door. When the door closer works incorrectly, the door may cause serious damage. Fast moving doors can destroy door frames. Over time, slamming doors cause misalignment in the frame, making the door impossible to close or lock properly.

At Glass Doctor of Kingman, we have years of combined experience installing new door closers and servicing existing models. Our specialists handle virtually any problem you may have with your door closer.

Door Closer Issues

  • Wrong closers: Variations in the size and shape of doors means there is also great variation in the type of door closer that you need. When the closer is designed for a door much heavier than the one you use, the closer will take far too long to get the door closed. If the closer is meant for a lighter door, the door will slam shut and create safety issues.
  • Poor maintenance: The oil and lubrication in a door closer keep all of the moving parts working smoothly. Heat, wear and tear, and age necessitate the replacement of seals. Failure to replace worn out seals contributes to the loss of lubrication, until your door closer stops working. Our specialists will replace any broken or missing parts, and warn you when there are potential problems with your door closer. Preventative door closer care goes a long way in protecting your door and the safety of the people entering and leaving your building.
  • Improper fit: When necessary, our team at Glass Doctor of Kingman will reset the door so it fits back into the frame as intended. Reseating the door improves the security of your site, because the door will lock properly when the property is closed.

Door Closer Solutions

If you trust the repair of your door closer to someone without the proper experience, you may void any warranties on the device, and greatly increase the cost of your repair or installation. Trust the experts, and contact our team to install and maintain your door closers the right way the first time.