Custom Mirrors

A beautiful custom mirror will immediately improve the interior design of any room in your home. In addition to being one of the best pieces you can add for the aesthetic appeal of a room, a custom mirror will also serve a utilitarian purpose. Glass Doctor® of Kingman has the knowledge and skills to provide you with the perfect custom glass decor for your interior space. We will design your custom mirrors so that they suit your own personal style and the room. You will get to choose from a wide variety of tints, edgework details, frames and glass finishes. After your design is completed, our glass specialists will provide your mirror with a precision cut so that it matches the exact specifications you need. Count on our team to create the custom mirror you desire.

Benefits of Custom Mirrors

The Illusion of Space

It can be difficult to decorate smaller rooms because even a few pieces of decor can start to look like clutter. Custom mirrors solve this problem by creating the illusion of space. The eye is naturally drawn to the reflection that a mirror creates. This works especially well with full wall custom mirrors.

Increased Indoor Brightness

It can be very difficult to make a room bright enough, especially when you have limited options for letting in natural light and placing light fixtures. A set of strategically placed custom mirrors will let your room make the most of every bit of light that it has. This is because a mirror refracts light in a way that enhances its benefits. This will also allow you to save on your energy bill, since you won't have to leave as many lights on in order to keep a room brightly lit.

Added Depth

A strategically placed mirror will add depth to any room, making it feel more open. This happens because of the illusion of space and the enhanced brightness that a mirror creates for a room. We recommend using this sort of mirror in cramped space such as a tight hallway or small bedroom.

Filling Space Without Creating Clutter

When you have a glaring blank space in a room, it isn't always easy to fill it. Adding the wrong piece can quickly turn your blank space into design clutter. Because a custom mirror naturally flows with the appearance of your room, it can easily fill any blank space without being visually overwhelming.

Accentuation for Other Home Decor Pieces

In addition to the unique benefits that custom mirrors create independently, they can enhance the style of your other home decor pieces. A piece of 3-D artwork, for example, can be fully viewed when a mirror is placed behind it.

Custom Mirror Options

To ensure your custom mirrors are perfect for your home's unique needs, Glass Doctor of Kingman provides you with a myriad of mirror options, including the following:

  • Mirrored shelves
  • Hanging mirrors
  • Full-length mirrors
  • Framed mirrors
  • Full wall mirrors

Your Custom Mirror will be Made to Impress

Whether you need a full-length mirror closet to help you get dressed in the morning or a framed mirror to finish your living room's design, count on our glass specialists. Your mirror will be made to impress all who enter the room.

The Greatest Glass Experts

In addition to custom mirrors, we can also provide you with a wide array of other custom glass decor pieces. No matter what you need, Glass Doctor of Kingman can create it for you. When you need to enhance a room in your house, call Glass Doctor of Kingman for your amazing custom mirror.