Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

It's amazing what dazzling new glass tabletops can do for your home or office environment. Your guests will surely notice a brighter, more elegant space. Besides improving the look of any room, custom glass tabletops are easy to clean. New glass tabletops for dining tables or end tables also protect the furniture underneath while adding a subtle gleam. Glass Doctor¨ of Kingman will create custom glass tabeletops to improve the aesthetic of any room.

Discover Your Options for Custom Glass Tabletops

Let us provide an in-home design consultation and properly measure your furnishings for your new glass. We can add a new custom tabletop to your coffee table, kitchen table or replace an already existing table. You'll have a number of choices to make your tabletop design unique, including glass tinting and edging style. Our experts ensure that glass type, weight and other details are appropriate for the application and meet safety guidelines.

Graphic of different glass edges

Consider a custom glass tabletop for your:

  • Kitchen table
  • Breakfast bar countertop
  • Coffee and end tables
  • Computer desk
  • Valuable antiques
  • Meeting room table

Experts from Glass Doctor of Kingman are here to make your dream design a reality.

Create the Perfect Custom Glass Shelves

Custom shelving is designed to fit your home and the specific space perfectly, creating a bespoke, built-in look. Your fine china, collectibles, and awards are display, while still being neatly organized.

Hallmarks of Custom Glass Tabletops and Shelving

  • Unique style to enhance your living environment or retail display area.
  • Ideal height and structure for the best use of space.
  • Precision measurements for the proper number of shelves and correct distance between rows to showcase your items perfectly.
  • Safety glass ensures that your glass decor is also practical. We use these panes in patio and pool areas that , such as glass shower doors and sliding doors, should utilize tempered glass to prevent breakage and injury to family or guests.
  • Tinted or colored glass adds detail to match any style or design requirement. Tinting can also protect displayed items or furniture from sun damage.

Forget standard, one-size-fits-all shelving. Go custom with Glass Doctor of Kingman. Contact us for your free, in-home consultation today.