Home Window Repair & Replacement

The quality of building's windows affects its safety, security, energy efficiency, insulation and property value. A damaged or broken window is an emergency that compromises the safety of the building and lets the elements inside. Trust Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex to replace and repair the windows in your home and business. We provide window repair services that matches your schedule and needs. Our glass specialists follow all industry best practices while replacing or repairing your glass.

Home Window Repair

Emergency Services

A building's windows may break due to accidents, inclement weather or a break-in. Call Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex at any time to restore your security. Day or night, a glass specialist will arrive at your home or business. We will secure your building and attempt to repair or replace the glass immediately. If the damage calls for specialty panes, our specialist boards up the window and sweeps up any shards of glass. Once your property is safe, we will make a follow up appointment that meshes with your schedule, so that we can permanently replace the glass.

Double Pane Window Repair

Over time, the seals on double pane windows may crack, which reduces the effectiveness of the window's insulation. The cracked seal lets in moisture, which often creates condensation between the panes, and the window may have an unsightly dirty or foggy appearance. Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex specialists will replace the panes to restore the window.

Home Window Replacement

Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex offers many window upgrade options, which will decrease your energy bills and increase your home's value. Investing in insulated glass units (IGUs) and low-emissivity (Low-E) windows will decrease noise pollution while increasing your property's energy efficiency. Our glass specialists work with you to select glass options that meet your needs.

Additional Options and Glass Services

We provide many additional options for your home's windows. Try adding our hydrophobic coating glass protectant to your window other vulnerable surfaces to prevent scratches or stains. Ask our specialists about tinting options to help shield your home from the strongest UVA and UVB rays, which reduces sun damage and increases your home's energy efficiency. Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex will even repair window components such as balances, tilt latches, and sash locks, which may make your windows difficult to open when they're not functioning properly.

Homeowners serious about glass care should sign up for our Advantage Plan®. The Advantage Plan provides you with members-only savings and services, such as a free home inspection, priority appointments and a breakage guarantee that lasts the duration of your membership.

The Glass Care Professionals

Don't wait to replace a worn window or to perform an important window repair. Contact Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex today to make an investment in your home's safety and comfort.

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