Advance Measurement System

Disaster can strike at any time. When it does, your company's glass usually breaks first. With the Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex Advance Measurement system, you stay prepared for the worst. This program maps out your building's glass, so we know exactly what to bring when you need a glass replacement or repair.

Our Advanced Measurement System Benefits You

With the Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex advance measurement system, you gain the following benefits:

Faster Emergency Repairs

We provide 24/7 emergency glass repair services to all of our customers, but Advance Measurement eliminates the need for us to survey the area, do a temporary patch-up and complete the full glass replacement or repair later. It all gets taken care of at once, so your emergency glass repair will be done in a single visit.

Less Company Liability

Broken glass is dangerous, and puts your customers at risk for injury. The priority scheduling you receive guarantees this hazard will be eliminated as soon as possible.

Sustained Building Security

Broken glass doors and windows are a major security risk, because thieves, vandals and even animals can sneak into your property; the efficiency of our service prevents these unwanted guests.

Fewer Business Interruptions

The efficient service provided by our Advance Measurement system also means our glass specialists will be out of you and your customers' way in no time.

You Maintain Your Style

Temporary board-ups often don't improve aesthetics. Since Advance Measurement gets you full repair or replacement on the spot, you don't even have to worry about how your building looks while waiting for glass.

You'll Never Have to Worry About Billing Issues

You can pre-establish credit with us, so there is never a billing conflict.

In-Stock Options

We can keep certain types of commonly broken glass in stock for you, so we are ready to install the glass whenever you need it.

Prepare For Disaster

Don't let disaster catch you unprepared. Make sure you can get back to business ASAP if your business is interrupted by broken glass. Take the first step towards disaster protection; make an appointment with our glass specialist today.