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Founded over 50 years ago in California, Fleetwood® continues to operate with the same vision their founders had: “innovate, not imitate”. Additionally, Fleetwood supports the American dream through sourcing of domestic labor and materials. They go above and beyond industry standards to ensure that their products are superior to their competitors’. Such efforts are key to creating extravagant products like the giant sliding door found below. 

18 foot tall Fleetwood Low-E Sliding Door

18 foot tall Fleetwood Low-E Sliding Door


Since 1961, Fleetwood has built modern style windows and doors for thousands of luxury homes. What differentiates Fleetwood from their competition is their dedication to the “little things”. You will never have problems like squeaky door hinges, uneven sliding, or weak aluminum frames with their products. Furthermore, Fleetwood naturally offers a higher level of security with their products because they are extremely difficult to remove from their frames.

Fleetwood offers several different door and window designs along with thousands of colors for the aluminum frames & beams. This allows for a level of customization that few other companies offer. There’s no wonder why Fleetwood services so many multi-million dollar homes!


Fleetwood has three main types of products: hinged/pivot doors, sliding doors, and windows. Each of these products has the option of being thermally broken. In plain English, products which are thermally broken create a “buffer” between the interior and exterior of the house, potentially saving energy. However, Fleetwood recommends that you do not need thermally broken frames unless you reside in an area that snows often. They are more expensive, and susceptible to damage in warmer climate. Ask a Glass Doctor Specialist about your specific project to determine which choice is right for you.

pivot door

Hinged/Pivot Doors

Fleetwood offers three types of hinged/pivot doors: hinged doors (fixed), pivot doors, and folding doors. All of these products are precisely cut and made with extreme care. Check out the pictures below!

Sliding Doors

Probably their most renowned product, Fleetwood utilizes Swiss ball bearings in their sliding doors to create an incredibly smooth and nearly effortless slide. It is so easy that even a toddler can do it! They offer two different types of sliding doors: multi-slide pocket corner and sliding doors.

multi slide pocket corner door

Muli-Slide Pocket Corner Door

sliding door

Sliding Door


Like their door designs, Fleetwood windows offer a premium aesthetic. With five different kinds of windows, you have a lot of designs to choose from! The five different types of designs are: casement/awning, casement/awning/hopper (fixed), sliding/single hung (fixed), window wall (fixed), and sliding windows (fixed). Since the windows appear to be very similar, consult your Glass Doctor specialist to see which one suits your home. Take a look at the sample pictures below!

window wall

"The Window Wall"

single hung windows

Single Hung Windows

Just check out these multi-million dollar homes featuring Fleetwood products. If luxury and practicality are what you’re looking for, then Fleetwood may be the perfect supplier for you. Visit Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex and check out our display of Fleetwood doors in our showroom for yourself!