Car Windshield Repair

Cracks or chips in your windshield are more than just a cosmetic issue for your car. They obstruct your vision while driving and reduce your safety on the road. When left unrepaired, minor windshield damage spreads. It leads to significant problems that jeopardize your vehicle's safety. Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex knows windshield care is important to maintaining your vehicle. We offer windshield repair and replacement options that restore your windshield quickly and efficiently, keeping you and your passengers safe.

When your windshield damage is minor, windshield repair is an economical choice. Our glass specialists consider these factors when determining if your damage is repairable.

  • Chip Damage size: Chips 3/8 inch or less and cracks under three inches are viable repair sites.
  • Chip or Crack Placement: As repaired areas have reduced clarity, we do not repair cracks or chips in your line of vision. We do not repair cracks that have splintered edges; damage to the perimeter of the glass tends to spread.
  • Age: When your windshield damage is old, dirt buildup prevents a successful repair.   

Most windshield repair work is covered by auto insurance; Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex works with your insurance company to complete your claim submission.

Car Windshield Repair

Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex repairs minor problems before the damage spreads across your windshield. The process takes about an hour. We prepare your windshield, and then use a special tool to inject resin into the damaged section. When the resin cures, we polish it to a shine. The glass repair process offers a number of benefits:

  • Convenience: Our mobile unit brings the repair shop to you, so the service is performed at your convenience. 
  • Savings: We repair your windshield quickly, using minimal materials and labor. The cost is far less than a windshield replacement.
  • Insurance Claim Benefits: As windshield repair is an economic option, many insurance companies pay the entire claim without assessing a deductible.
  • An Eco-Friendly Option: Our repair process generates minimal debris. You keep your existing windshield and we don't have to toss your broken glass into a landfill.  

Car Windshield Replacement

At Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex, we know that a properly maintained windshield is important. It provides structural support for your vehicle and enhances safety for your passengers. When we replace your windshield, we offer quality parts and workmanship. As a dedicated member of the Auto Glass Safety Council™, we comply with Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards (AGRSS®).

  • We carefully remove your broken windshield to avoid paint damage, rust, and leakage problems.  
  • We replace your windshield with original equipment equivalent (OEE) parts.
  • We use adhesives approved by the council.  
  • Our windshield replacement process adheres to recommended procedures for quality and safety.
  • We offer added peace of mind with our Windshield Protection Plan. The free plan covers any repair work for 12 months following the original replacement.

Your Auto Glass Care Professionals

Windshield care is an important safety factor for you and your passengers, so don't delay contacting Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex for the best care in the area. We respond quickly to repair your minor cracks and chips or perform a complete windshield replacement. Call (972) 685-6822 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment that suits your schedule.

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