Cleaning Hacks: Vinegar

2016 is officially among us, and we hope that everyone has had a great start to it! A new year means new opportunities, new people, and of course new resolutions. Do you want to keep your house looking tidier and well kept? Then check out these awesome cleaning tips and tricks with vinegar! We all know vinegar for its uses in pickling food and science experiments (just add baking soda), but who would have thought that such a common household item could be so useful in cleaning?

Living Room

Mix equal parts white vinegar and hot tap water to make a hard-working, stain-removing cleaner. Dip an old sock or rag into the mixture and wipe down those windows, tables, and couches for a clean finish.


Use the same ½ vinegar ½ hot water concoctions to wipe down your countertops and sinks. Also, make vinegar-water ice cubes with the same ratio to create “fresh-bombs” for your garbage disposal. This will get rid of foul odor from the sink.


Have a nasty microwave interior covered with stains? Clean it off the easy way and give it the steam treatment. Simply microwave equal parts vinegar and water for four minutes. Then carefully remove the hot bowl and wipe off the insides with a microfiber cloth. The steam created will melt any stains and make the cleaning easier than ever.


Make a tough tub and tile cleaner by mixing ½ cup of warm vinegar, ½ cup of dish soap, and 4 teaspoons of baking soda. Spread onto surface and let it sit for 30 minutes. It will eat the grime and scum right off.

Garden/ Patio

Make a homemade bug spray by mixing equal parts water, vinegar, and liquid dish soap into a spray bottle. You can make this mixture in a small bowl and put it next to your sink to get rid of fruit flies as well.