Auto Glass Care

Damages to auto glass are dangerous to you and your passengers. If not repaired quickly, a small and seemingly harmless chip can grow into a massive crack that will inevitably shatter. Luckily, Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex specialists are trained to handle all sorts of auto glass repairs and replacements. Whether it’s your windshield, mirrors, sunroofs, or windows, count on Glass Doctor to fix your panes!®

Windshield Repair and Replacement

In the event of a collision, the sturdiness of your car depends greatly on the strength of your windshield. This is why it is imperative to get any damages repaired as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s passengers.

Our glass specialists repair most minor damages, like chips and small cracks, in about an hour. Since a repair saves the windshield from the disposal, this is an environmentally friendly procedure. Our repairs ensure that your windshield will be restored to its original clarity and strength. We take into account any special technologies, such as humidity sensors and temperature gauges, which may be present in the windshield. Additionally, we handle the insurance paperwork for any and all auto care. In fact, your insurance will often times cover the entire cost of the repair!

If the crack on your windshield is longer than an inch or falls within the driver's line of sight, the glass will likely need to be replaced entirely. Our glass specialists are trained in accordance with Auto Glass Safety Council™ standards, and they adhere to best practices for installation. We only use industry-standard adhesive and quality materials comparable to the original manufacturer's products.

Auto Glass Replacement

A vehicle's windows, back windshield, and sunroof use tempered glass instead of traditional glass used in the front windshield. Tempered glass behaves differently from windshield glass as it breaks into chunks rather than cracking. This is a safety precaution as the chunks are not likely to cause injury. However, this property of tempered glass required it to be replaced completely when broken. Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex specialists replace a vehicle's tempered glass quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Auto Glass Protection

To protect new windshields, we always offer our Windshield Protection Plan. If you are interested in protecting your windshield from future damages, then consider The Future Installation Option. This plan covers the labor and material costs of a new pane if your windshield is damaged within 12 months following installation. Furthermore, add our hydrophobic coating protective coating to any auto glass to make the panes scratch and stain-resistant for up to five years. This addition results in a cleaner windshield and improved visibility during inclement weather, ultimately increasing the vehicle's safety.

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