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What Should I Do About My Foggy Windows?

There are a variety of reasons that may lead to a foggy window and it is important to understand where fogging is occurring. Depending on where it is occurring, you can take the appropriate action to ensure you have clear windows all year round.

If fogging is occurring on the exterior of the window, it is because the temperature indoors is much lower than that outside. For example, you might have noticed that if you kept your A/C on during a hot, humid Dallas summer day, your windows will develop condensation. If fogging is occurring on the interior of the window, it is for the exact opposite reason. For example, if it is cold outside and you hold a social event in your house, the heat and humidity that a group of actively engaged people create can cause windows to fog. Both cases are usually only temporary and will go away once the interior air dries up.

However, if you noticed that your foggy windows aren’t going away or the fog is not on the inside or the outside but rather in between, you have a faulty double pane window. The reason why your windows fog up is because the seals that outline the edges of your windows failed and let moisture in. Here at Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex, we purposely use a high-grade sealant to prevent condensation from accumulating between the panes. You can learn more about our double pane windows here.

There are three main factors that contribute to wear and tear of sealants: water, heat, and age. When puddles start to form near the bottom of a window, the perimeter seals will fail sooner. When a window directly faces the sun for a majority of the day, it is more likely to fail sooner than a window that stays in the shade all day because it undergoes larger temperature changes, which means bigger contractions and expansions. And finally, time. If your windows haven’t been replaced in 15 years, it’s time for you to do an inspection and give us a call if you find a problem. We offer a LIFETIME warranty for the materials, the double pane insulated glass units (IGUs), and labor! At Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex, we fix your panes!®