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We all know the basic “do’s” and “don’t’s” of the Texas summer. Do: drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Don’t: forget to wear sunscreen when going outside (or just don’t go outside period). But, many people aren’t aware of one crucial “do” that will save you tons of money on electric bills: being smart with your window replacement.

If you’ve done research about windows, then you’ve probably run across the term “IGU” before. It stands for insulated glass units, and they’re especially useful in the summer months. Let’s learn more about IGU’s and their benefits.

What Are They?

IGU’s are double, sometimes triple-pane windows sealed and separated by a spacer. They are insulated not by the glass itself, but rather by a special type of clear, non-toxic gas. This gas acts as an insulator to minimize temperature change from the exterior. Refer to the diagram above for a pictorial representation!

How Does It Work?

As mentioned above, glass is a poor insulator (it allows heat/ cold to pass through easily). Because of this, Argon, Krypton, or Xenon is sealed between the multiple window panes. These gases are denser than oxygen, so they conduct heat less readily.

In order to prevent leaks, it’s important to choose quality windows. Something to look for are warm-edge spacers. These will reduce heat loss through the edge of the window and improve the retention of the insulating glass. Ask your technician for assistance in choosing the best windows.

“U” Value”

This refers to the ability of an IGU to slow the heat transfer through glass. The lower a window’s U-value is, the better insulating ability it has.

Benefits of IGU’s

While they are more expensive than traditional single-pane windows, IGU’s offer many benefits and will save you money on electric bills: Benefits of IGU’s include:

  1. Lower heating and cooling bills – Heightened thermal performance means outdoor temperature has a lower impact on indoor conditions, allowing you to run the A/C or heater less.
  2. Increased comfort – Less air leakage through windows means bye-bye to cold air drafts and temperature transfer through your windows.
  3. Reduced sound transmission – With more layers than a single-pane window, IGU’s block off sounds from the outdoors more efficiently.
  4. Increased window strength – IGU’s are able to withstand stronger force from winds, hail, etc.

Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex has many specialties, one of which is replacing damaged windows with insulated glass units. You may be able to keep the frame and just replace the glass. To learn more, please contact us at 972-271-6800 today.