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Sunshine Coast

National Accounts Program

If your business has branches across the country, it makes sense to procure the same high-quality services for every one of its locations. Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast is just one of our more than 260 branches that are spread across the U.S. and Canada. Therefore, when you sign up for our National Accounts program, you will receive our services at your Sunshine Coast business as well as all of your other facilities.

National Accounts 

There are many reasons why you should choose to set up a business account with Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast:

  • Discount prices: All of our National Account customers receive our services at just 70 to 90% of standard prices and receive the same rates across the country.
  • Centralized billing and dispatching: We have just a single billing address for all of our locations. Plus, you have the options of calling our toll-free 800 number or emailing us whenever you want to place an orders.
  • Real-time management reporting: Always know the exact status of your requests across the country by checking invoices and finding information through your National Account.
  • Account management: If you have any queries, you can communicate directly with our National Accounts manager. 
  • Fast response times: We give priority to our National Accounts customers for both routine and emergency services.

Emergency Repairs

With our National Accounts program you will receive emergency services from our mobile shops at any time of the day or night. For an even faster glass repair, consider enrolling in our Advance Management System. Our specialists will assess your glass ahead of time and draw up a diagram, providing you with a copy. If any glass in your business breaks, all you need to do is tell us the number on the diagram and we will arrive at your business with a replacement pane from our stock. With the entire installation process complete in a single visit, you save time and avoid unsightly board-ups on your property.

Our Advance Management program also includes setting up credit and contact information to speed up the replacement process and prevent billing errors.

Commercial Care 

Another option available to businesses is our Commercial Care program, for which you will receive:

  • Priority for repairs out of business hours.
  • A team of specialists assigned to each of your locations. This means you always see the same faces and work with glass experts who are familiar with your unique needs.
  • Membership prices, including a discount on emergency board-up services.
  • A commercial account.

If you are interested in setting up National Accounts or one of the other above programs, contact us at Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast.