Advance Measurement System

Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast constantly strives to provide uniquely beneficial glass services for local businesses; one such service is our Advance Measurement system. This business recovery plan maps out all glass windows and doors in your retail store, restaurant or office building. This convenient, precise and professional measurement service allows for quick replacement and repair of all the glass on your business premises.

With Glass Doctor’s Advance Measurement system, you avoid complex logistics like taking measurements or picking the proper type of replacement glass in the event of a disaster. Those tasks could be overwhelming with broken glass all around and other details you must attend to. Instead, with Advance Measurements in place, just initiate your business recovery plan by calling us.

Business Recovery Plan

When you signup for Advance Measurement, Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast will: 

  • Survey your business property, measuring all the glass, including glass windowpanes, glass doors, display cases, mirrors and glass shelving.
  • Carefully record the type and dimensions of glass needed for every area of your property, such as tempered glass.
  • Create a custom diagram of your business property, noting all the details, including safety code requirements that cover the specific use of each type of glass. 
  • Provide you with a copy of the diagram with windows numbered to simplify future ordering.
  • If you like, we will also pre-establish credit and record your contact information to further speed any future glass replacement. 

Emergency Glass Repairs

With the Advance Measurement details and the customized diagram of your business on file here at Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast, our glass experts have a head start on replacing all your glass to proper specifications. We won’t need to wait until city emergency services have left your property after a severe weather incident or other major property damage. We don’t have to wait until you're able to meet us at the property to get initial measurements. All you need to do is call us - and we'll begin preparing the glass needed to make your property whole once again.

When glass shatters or cracks at your business, we're available around the clock to respond to your needs. When you call, you'll report the number(s) assigned to the damaged panes from the diagram. If the glass is in stock, we'll replace it right away, so you avoid the need for a board-up.  Our Advance Measurement system gives you peace of mind after a fire, storm or catastrophe involving glass breakage, knowing that Glass Doctor will get you back in business.

In-Stock Options

For your convenience, let Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast pre-order any glass that is most likely to break. We'll keep it in stock, on hand for your future needs.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Saves money: Minimizing downtime for your business after a glass break emergency
  • Saves time: Enabling complete installation in a single day
  • Increases safety: Reducing risk of customer injury, lawsuits or insurance implications
  • Adds security: Preventing exposure to criminals, vandals and weather
  • Offers a practical solution: Eliminating unnecessary board ups
  • Restores favorable store appearance quickly: Improving your business profile in the community
  • Speeds credit qualification: When we pre-establish credit for you

Don't let major glass breakage turn into a calamity for your business. Increase your resiliency with the Glass Doctor customized Business Recovery Plan. Contact Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast to create your business recovery plan!