Auto Glass Care

Your windshield is much more than a pane between you and the road; it is an important part of the structural safety of your vehicle. If a crack or chip shows up, you need a professional to take care of your auto glass repair. Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast will assess the problem, give you an exact price estimate and get the work done quickly and professionally.

Windshield Repair or Replacement

If a crack or chip is small and not in a visually crucial area, our specialists can often repair it in under an hour. Plus, many insurance plans cover this type of auto glass repair, so the fix comes at no cost to you. We'll even help you with the claim paperwork!

If a crack or chip is near the edge, especially long and deep or in the driver's line of sight, a complete windshield replacement may be required. Let the specialist at Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast give you their professional recommendation. If a replacement is required, we will remove your broken windshield with care, using the standards laid out by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC). We will replace your windshield with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality glass and seal it with strong industry standard sealant.

Full Service

Of course, we don't just repair windshields, come to our shop for automotive glass replacement for:

  • Sunroofs
  • Quarter Glass
  • Passenger Windows
  • Back Windshield

Our Personal Guarantee

All of our windshield replacements include our Windshield Protection Plan. This guarantee covers your new windshield if it is cracked or broken in the next year. We will replace the windshield glass at no cost. You might consider enhancing your protection with our Future Installation Option, which covers the labour and installation materials in the event your windshield needs a total replacement during the coverage year. Add new windshield wipers and a glass treatment service to your protection for the ultimate windshield guarantee. Our Clear Choice™ glass treatment is a special application that protects your windshield from environmental pollutants, mineral deposits and weathering. This treatment is especially useful in rainy or sleeting weather; it keeps your windshield crystal clear.

Ignoring a problem with your windshield is a dangerous gamble. Make sure you turn to Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast to take care of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment today with our specialists!