Double Pane Windows

Insulation is invaluable in sealing off your home from the elements. The less insulated your windows are, the easier it is for outside sounds and temperatures to enter your home, disturbing you and making climate control more difficult. With double pane windows from Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast, you can protect your home from all these nuisances. Made from insulated glass, double pane windows are designed to absorb noise and keep moisture out of the windows' interior, making it more difficult for outside air to leak into your home. Even these windows aren't immune to breaking.

Double Pane Window Benefits

double pane window

Insulated glass units, or IGUs, guard against outside sounds more efficiently than ordinary glass; IGUs are made with at least two glass panes separated from each other by a spacer, which is designed to absorb or reflect outside sound. Compared to regular single pane windows, IGUs are lighter and a less dangerous option for sound proofing your home. To protect your home even more effectively, you can order triple pane windows, which contain three glass panes separated by two sound-absorbing spacers. You can also install acoustic window panes, which reflect outside noises away from your home.

Reducing Energy Costs

Besides absorbing sound, the spacers in insulated glass windows also contain desiccants, or drying substances, that eliminate any moisture in your windows. For further protection against heat transfer, our specialists will fill the space between the windows with krypton or argon gas and apply a high-grade sealant to the window to prevent moisture from accumulating. As a result, your heating and air-conditioning units don’t have to work as hard to control your indoor climate, reducing the cost and environmental impact of maintaining your home. 

Insulated glass windows seal your home off from the outside world effectively, but they're still vulnerable to cracks, chips, and other damages that can break the seal. If your windows become foggy or you notice condensation building up between the panes, there's a good chance your window’s seal has failed. Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast provides double pane window replacement services, allowing you to maintain your insulation year-round.

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