Custom Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Sunshine Coast specializes in a variety of glass solutions including, custom mirrors, tabletops shelves and patio and French doors that will help beautify your home. In addition, we can install low-emissivity (Low-E) glass that is designed to block harmful UV rays from entering your home and eroding your furniture, carpet and valuables. We take great pride in providing superior materials and service that will improve your home.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

The experts at Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast will not only repair and replace broken glass tabletops for existing furniture, we also manufacture custom glass tops to create new signature furniture pieces that will be the focal point of any room. Each glass tabletop will be custom measured, cut and finished in order to fit your needs and complement your existing decor.

When you call for a consultation, a glass specialist will visit your home and walk you through your options when it comes to edgework details, glass tint and other considerations that may need to be made in order to accommodate a thick and heavy glass top.

Customers can choose from tinted or coated glass that is similar to window glass and designed to protect your furniture from being exposed to harmful UV rays. Both tempered and laminated glass options are also available, which can prevent injuries in the event of breakage.

Custom Mirrors

A mirror is a great addition that will help brighten your home and create a more spacious feel. Our custom mirror products include:

  • Closet mirrors
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Custom washroom mirrors
  • Wall mirrors

With our custom designed mirrors that can be cut to exact specifications, the options are nearly limitless. Learn about available tinting, beveled edging, antique treatments and other decorative details.

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Patio and French Doors

Replace your broken or outdated glass doors with new, tempered glass that will beautify your entryway and improve energy efficiency. Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast offers a variety of inserts, including: interior sliding blinds, specialty glass, energy-efficient glass and decorative glass with matching side panes.

We have partnered up with the nation's best manufacturers in order to offer a wide range of glass door options that represent the best materials available on the market.

Low-E Glass Windows

Low-E windows help control both brightness and filter out UV rays. These windows feature a thin metallic coating that reduces light transmission by approximately 10%, making them an increasingly popular option in both homes and large office buildings.

Low-E glass not only creates a softer, more pleasant light, it also reduces UV damage and improves energy efficiency. Carpet, furniture and draperies will last longer and experience less fading over time. In addition, your home or office will remain at a constant temperature throughout the changing seasons. This glass has been specially designed to let in light without allowing heat to build up indoors. The metal coating also has reflective properties that direct heat away from a building.

If you are interested in replacing your windows with Low-E glass, installing custom mirrors to improve the look and feel of your home or completing any other specialty glass project, call Glass Doctor of Sunshine Coast today or schedule an appointment online