Insulated Glass Replacement Warranty

Warranty includes surround kits

Glass Doctor provides a limited manufacturer’s warranty on insulated units that we install from the date of installation.

Specifically: Our manufacturer will only replace the insulated units that have been purchased and installed by Glass Doctor Specialists.

We offer a ten-year warranty on the unit(s) unless otherwise specified. Warranty labor after 1 year is at the expense of the customer. However, if there are any problems with seal failure within the first 12 months, Glass Doctor will replace the warranty units without charging for labor. Glass Doctor warranties our workmanship for lifetime to the original homeowner provided the homeowner has maintained the appropriate routine maintenance of the insulated glass seals. (Caulking and painting as needed to keep the moisture from compromising the seal).

Making any changes to the window could void the manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact Glass Doctor before making any changes to a window.

Window film/tint voids all manufacturers’ warranties. Most film companies will assume the manufacturer warranty. Check with the film company before making changes to the window/s. There is no warranty on sloped glazing.

For warranties on anything other than double pane glass replacements, contact Glass Doctor for warranty.