Advance Measurement System

When you design your disaster recovery plan, make sure you include the Advance Measurement system from Glass Doctor® of Raleigh. The Advance Measurement system is the most proactive way to ensure all of your business' glass needs will be met in the future.

Proactive Glass Care

With our Advance Measurement system, we survey your business and create a diagram with pertinent glass details for every pane in your building. We note glass type, size and kind. The specialists will give you a copy of a diagram, so when glass breaks in the future you simply call us to report which pane needs repair. Because each pane is assigned a number on the diagram, it is easy for anyone to make an initial repair request. Our specialists will arrive with the correct materials and panes, if we have them in stock, to repair the damage in one visit.

Advance Measurement

No matter the time, Advance Measurement customers enjoy faster repairs by simply calling us and reporting the number of the damaged pane from the diagram. We match the damaged pane's number with the comparable glass in our inventory. As long as we have the glass in stock, we will immediately replace the pane in a single visit that saves your business time, money and the hassle of having a board up. It further expedites the process when you have pre-established contact and credit information.

In-Stock Options

If your business has glass that frequently breaks, our in-stock option is the best solution. With the in-stock program, we keep glass on hand specifically for your business and the times you need it the most.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Making the Advance Measurement program a part of your business recovery plan offers several benefits, including:


Instead of allowing broken glass interrupt your business, the Advance Measurement plan will get you back up and running as quick as possible.

Cost Savings 

While other solutions may require more than one trip to solve your problem, the Advance Measurement renders complete installation in one trip, which saves money.

Increased Security and Decreased Liability 

When your broken glass is quickly repaired, it significantly reduces the risk of customer injury, while preventing any further exposure to theft or vandalism.

Brand Protection 

The Advance Measurement plan prevents broken or boarded-up windows from damaging your brand image.

Pre-Established Credit 

Pre-establishing your credit reduces any possibility of billing conflicts or similar hold ups.

Since you never know when disaster will strike, it's best for your business recovery plan to have the preemptive Advance Measurement plan in place. Contact Glass Doctor of Raleigh today to schedule an inspection.