Hardware Warranty

Warranty on Closers and Pivots

Glass Doctor provides a 1-year warranty on closers and pivots.

The closer controls the speed that the door opens and closes and how far it opens. The pivots are the point at which the door hinges.

We have a limited warranty on this service. If it fails within the first month of installation, we will replace it at no charge. Closers should last for quite a while. High traffic doors will not last as long with the amount of use.

The top pivot is spring loaded. It allows you to push the door in. As the door opens and closes, the pivots turn in and out with it.

Glass Doctor Raleigh stocks 3 or 4 kinds of pivots. We charge by the set.

Closers/Pivots will need to be adjusted every 3-4 months. You can purchase a tool to adjust them yourself or Glass Doctor can be contacted for a service to adjust the closer/pivot for a $35.00 service charge.