How to Protect Windows During Hurricane Season

Hurricanes are one of the most destructive forces on earth, and glass windows are extremely vulnerable in these severe weather instances.  Through the summer and early fall, it's important to have some protective measures in place to keep your windows from breaking.  Should you happen to find your house in the lane of an approaching hurricane, we recommend covering your windows with plywood and steel clips. It only takes a few minutes to install. 

Take Window Measurements

Using a tape measure, measure out the height and width of your window. For height, measure the window from top to bottom and subtract ¼ inch from this number. For width, measure the distance from one side of the window to the next, and again subtract ¼ inch from it. Make sure to label your measurements (eg. "master bedroom") so that you will know exactly to which windows your measurements apply.

Cover with Plywood

hurricane windows

Purchase some 1/2-inch thick plywood for each window. This is where your measurements come in handy. Use the measurements to approximate the dimensions of the plywood you'll need. Always make sure the plywood you purchase complies with any state inspection standards. Once you have the plywood in hand, you're ready to start boarding up your windows on the exterior side of your house. Place the plywood over your window; it should cover your window adequately.

Secure with Steel Clips

Secure the plywood into place by using carbon steel clips (shown right), which fastens the plywood inside your window casing. Carbon steel clips are available at any hardware store and take less time than drilling holes and securing the plywood with nails and screws. Clips give you a snug, solid fit and allow you to take down the plywood for storage and reuse later. The most popular brand of steel clips is Plylox. Simply cover the window with plywood, and then clip the plywood into the window casing. For windows that are 24x24 inches or smaller, only two steel clips are necessary. 

Picture of steel clip for hurricane board up

And that's it. You're done. The steps above are good for temporary use. If you're looking for more permanent solutions, you can opt for: security window films over your window glass, impact-resistant glass, and/ or hurricane shutters made of metal, steel or aluminum. Security window films are thin but very strong, designed to keep your glass from shattering.

If you're pressed for time and need help right away, please call Glass Doctor® of Raleigh at 984-664-9141. We offer 24-hour board up services and will dispatch our mobile services van to your exact location within minutes of your call. Contact us today or schedule an appointment online.