Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors add style and beauty to any space, and make it more comfortable to spend time in. When placed well in a room, custom glass from Glass Doctor® of Raleigh makes a room more welcoming and aesthetically appealing. Our glass specialists have years of experience providing clients with glass that matches your style and taste. We'll arrive in your home and give you advice about how to best place mirrors throughout your home. From there, we will cut and install custom mirrors to your specifications, so you can create the perfect ambiance for your home.

Create the Illusion of Space

By catching the light and reflecting a room, mirrors make spaces feel more open and inviting. Your custom mirrors will help your room or hallway transcend its limitations. Tiled or framed mirrors will highlight a space's existing architecture, bringing out its natural beauty. Mirrored walls open up cramped hallways, while mirrored backsplashes add depth to kitchens and bathrooms. Statement mirrors are custom mirrors placed over a fireplace or headboard, which scatter light throughout a room.

Accentuate Decor and Art

Highlight your room's existing art and decor with custom mirrors cut to your specifications. With a variety of tints, finishes, edges and frames available, it's easy to design a mirror that matches your home's decor. Mirrored shelves create a 360 view of your sculptures, antiques and collectibles. Artfully-placed hanging mirrors direct natural light throughout a room, to make it feel more open and welcoming. Framed mirrors work well in almost every space, but are particularly useful for adding light and personality to walls containing framed art or photos.

Let Your Light Shine

Hanging mirrors and mirrored tabletops spread natural and artificial light throughout your home. Just a few mirrors, placed in the right places, will scatter light into even the darkest spaces. Bedroom mirrors reflect both natural light from windows, and lamp or candlelight. Mounted mirrors magnify light from desk lamps, lanterns or other light sources. Or hang a full-length or floor-to-ceiling mirror in a bedroom, closet or entryway for a clear look at yourself before you leave the home. Try a framed mirror for a splash of sophistication in the bedroom or bathroom.

Don't hang your mirrors alone. Our glass specialists are experts at figuring out the best places for mirrors in your home. Call to schedule an in-home consultation with Glass Doctor® of Raleigh, and we'll walk you through every step of the process. We'll design and cut mirrors to match your home's unique ambiance, and then hang them where they're sure to impress. With just a few mirrors, your home will be a beautiful, more welcoming space.