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Windshield Replacement in the Triangle

With the cold weather rolling in, there is a lot of sand and gravel being put down on the roads. These extra rocks can be kicked up and could break your windshield. As more people are using their defrost, it can cause small rock chips and cracks on your windshield to spread. Glass Doctor® of Raleigh can repair and/or replace your windshield. 

Why Choose Glass Doctor of Raleigh?

We use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality glass. OEM glass is manufactured by the same standards and qualifications, as it would be if it came directly off the factory line. It is made by the blue print of your vehicle. It ensures safety because it is designed to fit your vehicle properly and it helps eliminate the possibility of a stress crack.  

Windshields come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty against defects and a nationwide lifetime warranty against wind noise, leakage and workmanship for as long as you own the vehicle.

Glass Doctor also provides an additional warranty, our exclusive G12 Guarantee.

Our G12 warranty is a 12-month windshield breakage guarantee. If you have a rock chip within 12 months of our windshield replacement, Glass Doctor of Raleigh will repair your windshield at no cost to you. If the chip is un-repairable; our manufacturer will provide a new windshield for our auto glass specialists to install and you would only be responsible for urethane adhesives, molding, labor and tax; unless you want to purchase the FIO for an additional $35.00.

The FIO is the “Future Installation Option” and covers the additional costs of urethane adhesive, molding, labor and tax; there would be no out of pocket expense to you for the next 12 months should it have to be replaced.

We also provide a nationwide warranty so if you are traveling or move to another state, the Glass Doctor nearest you can help with any warranty issue you may have.

We are AGRSS registered which means Glass Doctor of Raleigh has agreed in writing to only perform installations that are approved by the original auto makers and this is a higher standard than regulations require. AGRSS stands for “AUTO GLASS REPLACEMENT SAFETY STANDARDS COUNCIL”. The mission of AGRSS is to make every auto glass replacement safer by:

1- Developing and maintaining standards for the replacement of auto glass

2- Educating and accrediting the industry

3- Promoting awareness of the AGRSS Standard to the insurance industry and driving public at large

If you are looking for good quality windshield installation and Peace of Mind: Call Glass Doctor of Raleigh serving the Triangle area. We Fix Your Panes®!