Window Seal Failure

Glass Doctor® of Raleigh provides our customers tips and steps to determine if the windows in their home has experienced seal failure. Don't hesitate to contact our Raleigh specialists for a free in-home consultation. We fix your panes!® 

Steps to Determine Seal Failure in Insulated Glass Windows

  • The most important step is ensuring the window is clean (both inside and outside). 
  • Inspect the window frame for rusty or bulging spaces between the insulated glass, especially at the bottom. 
  • Compare several windows on the same elevation. If any of the windows have experienced seal failure, you should notice the difference. 
  • Stand close to the glass surface, look at the space between the window pane from an angle and check for signs of condensation between the panes. When you see what you believe may be condensation, wipe the glass surface to make sure the moisture is between the panes. If it does not wipe off, the insulated window has experienced seal failure. 

What Causes Seal Failure in IGUs?

  • Windows that face the sun or are frequently pulsated by the wind. 
  • A void in the glazing beads that allows water to penetrate into the window seal. 
  • Wood stop moldings experienced wood rot. 
  • Windows that have not been properly caulked and painted. 

How do you paint a window to reduce seal failure and lengthen longevity of an insulated window?

First, caulk all retainer molding stops. There should not be any voids once caulked. If using a paint that requires a primer, make sure it is applied and allowed to dry. Next, finish paint should be applied so there is a small bead of paint on the edge of the glass and onto the molding glazing stop. When the finishing coat has dried, there should be no visible voids between the glass and glazing stop bead. 

The Specialists who make Window Condensation Disappear

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