Why Have a Mission Statement?

Company Mission Statement

Glass Doctor of Raleigh© knows that it is important to have a Mission Statement to help express the organization’s direction clearly. A Mission Statement describes why your business exists. Our Mission Statement reveals what we strive to achieve every day. This helps us to accomplish the goals of our vision.  


Glass Doctor of Raleigh's Mission Statement

Our mission is to acquire and retain CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE.

We will accomplish this through employees who are dedicated to servicing our customers with COURTESY, INTEGRITY AND QUALITY OF WORKMANSHIP.

Awareness that SATISFIED CUSTOMERS are our most valuable asset will secure our future.


New employees receive a copy of our Mission Statement in their hiring packet so they have information of what we do here and where our business is going. We also post our Mission Statement in our conference room so that all team members are reminded every day of what the mission is.

Why we feel it is important to have a Mission Statement:

Establishes direction of a business...

this helps keep everyone on the same path to success

Focuses on the future of the company

Sometimes called the “vision”, where a company will project its position of success in the future.

Helps shape strategy

Every business is different, so plans on how to successfully and efficiently run the business need to be laid out.

Opens doors to evaluation and improvements of the business.

Change happens all of the time.  Mission Statements change as well. When business grows, sometimes the direction changes. Always make sure to adjust your Mission Statement according to the business. This will help keep all teams focused on goals at hand.

If you are having trouble in creating a Mission Statement, online research can be the greatest tool when needing recommendations.