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Labor Day Holiday 2016

Glass Doctor of Raleigh Team, Happy Labor Day

Most Americans recognize Labor Day as the first Monday in September that transitions the season of summer time ending and the Fall semester of school beginning. Historically, the reason we celebrate this holiday runs deeper than that, as its true purpose is to pay tribute to “the social and economic achievements of American workers.”

On September 5, 1882, at the height of the Industrial Revolution, 10,000 workers took a stand against poor treatment in their labor forces:  12-hour work days and seven day work weeks. Workers organized strikes and demanded renegotiations in hours and pay. “Workingmen’s Holiday” eventually became popular and began to be accepted and recognized by many US states. After many years of major strikes and riots, Congress finally passed an act creating Labor Day as a solution to lessen worker tensions.

Glass Doctor of Raleigh celebrates our employees and acknowledge with gratitude their exemplary work, service and contributions to our success! We also want our customers to be safe and enjoy your Labor Day Holiday weekend!

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