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How to Guarantee Safe Windshield Installation

Glass Doctor safe windshield installation

No matter the damage your windshield has suffered, it is critical to find a company qualified to repair your vehicle’s make and model. 

Whether you choose our trained glass specialists or not, we always recommend you select a company that is familiar with the standards set by the Auto Glass Safety Council™ (AGSC).

The AGSC is a non-profit organization that promotes standards for safe windshield replacement. In order to join the AGSC, members must go through a strict registration process. Glass Doctor of Raleigh is audited by this organization to make sure we are following and complying with all AGSC safety rules and regulations. We are a proud member of the AGSC and comply with all industry standards.

Unfortunately, many windshields are improperly installed by company's not trained in proper windshield care. Poor windshield installation causes safety issues that can be life threatening during an auto accident. When the front air bags (We need to fact check, is it just the passenger or is it driver and passenger?)deploy, in many vehicles, it hits the windshield then bounces back to the passenger. (Began two sentences in a row with the same phrasing)Windshields installed with the wrong adhesives or poorly fitted glass will pop out of place, causing the airbag to not perform as designed. This puts the occupants of the vehicle at high risk. 

Entrust the Glass Doctor of Raleigh team with your windshield installation. We will make sure your glass is installed correctly to keep your family safe, call us now for premium serve! We fix your panes!®