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How does the AGSC ensure safe windshield installation?

The first step in getting your windshield replaced is making sure you choose a company that knows how to install a windshield correctly and safely. 

Unfortunately, many windshields are installed improperly and this causes safety issues that can be life threatening when an auto accident occurs. When the passenger's front air bag goes off, in many vehicles, it hits the front windshield then bounces back to the passenger. When the windshield is installed with the wrong adhesives or glass that is not primed, the windshield will be thrown out of the vehicle. This puts the occupants of the vehicle at very high risk. 

The Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) is an organization that promotes standards for safe windshield replacement. They let the public know which companies care about a safe installation for their customers. In order to be a member of the AGSC we have to go through a strict registration process and pay the required fees. Glass Doctor of Raleigh is audited by this organization to make sure we are following and complying with all AGSC safety rules and regulations. We are a proud member of the AGSC and comply with all industry standards.

Make sure your windshield is installed correctly and keep your family safe. Call Glass Doctor of Raleigh today, We Fix Your Panes!