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Happy Veterans Day 2016

Happy Veterans Day 2016

The contributions and sacrifices made by veterans of our armed forces are many. The founding of this great county would not have been realized without the bravery of our first soldiers who fought for our independence. There have been a number of conflicts since then, involving millions of our citizens who enlisted without consideration of their own well-being.

Every year, on November 11, our service men and women are celebrated and remembered on Veterans Day. Armistice Day as it was called then, was the result of a halt to hostilities between the Allied nations and Germany during World War l (the Great War”) in 1918. The cease fire was called at the 11th hour of the 11th day of November; thus the significance of the date. In 1938, it became a legal federal holiday. In 1954, Armistice Day became Veterans Day in honor of all US Veterans who serve/served during war and peace times.

Is there a veteran in your life or your family’s? Someone still serving?  Celebrate them on Veterans Day. Let them know how appreciated they are for their willingness to represent us in good times and bad.

Glass Doctor of Raleigh wants to take this time to recognize all of our veterans living and beyond! We remember you, we thank you, we remain a grateful people and nation for you.