Fall Decorating Tips

Fall Decor, Fall Decoration, Autumn Decor, Autumn Decoration

Fall is not just a break from the warm weather. It is the beginning of decorating and prepping for the Holidays.

If you enjoy decorating your yard but don’t want to break the bank, look for ideas that incorporate bright harvest colors that will work from late September throughout Thanksgiving.

Fill flower pots with a cornucopia of fall squash and foliage, place haystack bundles in the yards with cinnamon straw brooms, hang orange holiday lights, with some Halloween décor that can easily be removed after trick or treating is over.

First, decide on your design, and then enjoy yourself looking for fall treasures from the local farmer’s market, home and garden and nurseries. You can also find décor from arts and crafts stores, discount retailers, and online.  You’d be surprised at what you might find at your grocery or drug stores. They often feature seasonal items. Don’t forget to look for the bargains at the end of the season and stock up for next year!

Below are some links for fall decorating ideas from Better Homes & Garden, Southern Living and DIY Network. Happy Fall Season!