Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

If you're looking to improve your home, remodeling outdated bathrooms guarantees some return on your investment. Glass Doctor® of Raleigh will install beautiful frameless shower doors, custom mirrors, tub enclosures and much more to enhance these spaces. Our glass specialists are dedicated to providing outstanding service at every single appointment, so our team will strive to deliver the remodel of your dreams within a budget you find comfortable.

A Place to Begin

Spark your brainstorming by browsing through our Shower Door Gallery. Use our gallery as an point of inspiration; we can customize any design to suit your space. Add a personal touch to your custom glass with edgework detail, tinting, glass color, frames and more. Our specialists excel in creating custom glass to meet your unique needs.

How to Improve Your Bathroom

Accentuate home decor and create a more inviting indoor environment with these ideas:

Add: Making the space your own through decoration will make it a more inviting atmosphere. Add some personality to your bathroom with the installation of custom towel and racks. Pieces that are more embellished than standard piping will influence the atmosphere of any bathroom, no matter the size. Your Raleigh home will look better than ever with the addition of a few decorative racks.

Paint: Many effective renovation projects start with something as simple as a new coat of paint. Add textures to your paint or use taped designs to create a bolder finish.

Frame: Highlight the mirrors that are already installed in your bathroom with attractive molding or trim. In only a few minutes, new paint could be applied as well to help your mirror stand out. Impress friends and family while simultaneously increasing your home's indoor appeal with the subtle addition of frames. Frames are an affordable way to enhance the ambiance of any bathroom. Adding framed photos or artwork personalizes the space, which makes it more intriguing too.

Soften: Create a more comfortable space by adding beautiful aromatic candles to your home decor. For best results, combine the light of a candle with natural light reflected from a mirror. Lighting sets the tone, so use soft light bulbs to make the space seem more cozy. Using candles and soft lighting is an inexpensive way to completely changes the atmosphere of a bathroom. Alternatively, installing dimming lights will allow you complete control over the light.

Embellish: In lieu of investing in repairing an antique mirror, consider adding a splash of color with a garland or a few flowers to give your old mirror a fresh appearance. We can custom cut a new mirror to refocus the eye on the ornate creation. If you opt to add a new shower glass door, the eye will fall to the tile work within as well as the glass. We will protect these pieces with Clear Choice™ treatment, which will ensure the longevity and luster of your most prominent fixture.

Expand: Utilize hanging mirrors, walled mirrors or custom mirrors to help create the illusion of space in otherwise cramped rooms. Mirrors are excellent at reflecting both natural and artificial light while also creating the illusion of space. Give your bathroom a fresh, new look by simply incorporating a custom mirror. Changing the mirror or adding more to a space will redefine the room.

Invest: If you add new shower doors to the space, re-tiling with bold or classic colors will drastically change the bathroom. We recommend determining a theme for your bathroom, such as modern or rustic, before taking this step. These fixtures become prominent when a glass shower is incorporated into the design, so it's important you are happy with the tile you select. We are also able to etch a design into the glass shower doors, which will increase privacy and diminish the effect of tile.

Replace: If a glass shower door is out of your budget, consider replacing the shower curtain and towels. Without a glass shower door, these pieces are the primary colors in your bathroom. A few small changes will go a long way to recreate the look and feel of your Raleigh bathroom. We often see different towel and curtain combinations depending upon season.

Consult with Our Experts

Glass Doctor of Raleigh provides our clients with only the best bathroom remodeling solutions. Contact our team to schedule your free in-home consultation today. Our specialists will go the extra mile to ensure your remodeling vision comes to life. Our goal is to create a beautiful space while deliver stellar customer service.