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National Accounts Program

Broken glass in your business just can't wait; you need reliable professional help fast. Fortunately, Glass Doctor® of Jacksonville specializes in business glass repair. Businesses with a National Account will have access to emergency repairs performed by glass professionals at more than 260 Glass Doctor locations across the United States and Canada. That adds up to powerful, efficient glass service when and where you need it.

Glass Doctor National Account Benefits 

  • Standardized, discounted pricing: A Glass Doctor national repair account entitles you to the same price for services no matter what part of the country your business is in. You will never have any guesswork involved in price or quality. Multi-location businesses find the benefit extremely useful as prices can differ from place to place making budgeting a headache. With Glass Doctor of Jacksonville, your glass repair expense will never be a surprise. National Account prices are generally discounted 10% to 30% below any regular service prices. 
  • Nationwide toll free number and email address: Glass Doctor National Account holders keep a single phone number or email address handy in case of a glass service requests. Our special dedicated 800 line and email are staffed 24/7 by dispatchers ready to send a local specialist to your rescue fast.
  • Efficient Account Management: All account management and billing is handled from a single location for maximum efficiency. This allows your company's team to stay easily up-to-date on their work-order requests, billing issues and other administrative matters.
  • Fast 24/7 Emergency Glass Service: We understand broken glass is a serious security issue for your business, and, when it happens, your company needs help fast. That's why we take great care to give National Account customers our top priority service, no matter when it's needed. Just let our nationwide specialists know your problem, and we will be on our way fast to board up your store windows, replace your security glass or take care of any glass repairs that may come about for your business.

The Glass Doctor of Jacksonville team is ready to spring to action any time you need us for emergency glass repairs. Be sure to contact us to become a National Account holder today!