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Emergency Home Glass Repair & Replacement

No homeowner wants to discover a broken window. Unfortunately, window panes are fragile features that crack or break for various reasons. Household accidents, flying storm debris, a well-hit baseball or even a small rock shot from underneath a lawnmower may easily break a pane of glass.

The glass specialists at Glass Doctor® of Jacksonville understand that emergency window repair is not something a homeowner wants or can predict, which is why we offer 24-hour emergency repair every day of the week. The main concern when a window breaks is keeping your home and family safe and protected during the repair process, so our specialists will arrive prepared to clean up the glass and provide you with board up service.

What You Can Do

  • Before calling for emergency window repair, make a quick assessment of the damage so you can clearly explain the situation. Take note of how many windows are broken, the type and general size of the windows and how extensive the damage is.
  • Keep your children and pets away from the area to avoid injuries and to give the repair specialist room to work.

What Our Glass Specialists Will Do

Once a Glass Doctor of Jacksonville specialist arrives at your home, they will assess what panes you need and determine how quickly a permanent repair may be made. Our highly experienced specialists use the latest glass replacement technology, so we guarantee that your windows will be replaced quickly and professionally. Whether your windows are single pane, insulated or tempered glass, our custom installations ensure that your window repair or replacement will be completed flawlessly.

Here are a few of the residential glass types Glass Doctor of Jacksonville performs repairs on:

  • Single pane windows
  • Insulated double and triple pane windows
  • Door glass inserts
  • Tempered glass
  • Sliding and paned glass doors
  • Tub and shower doors and enclosure glass
  • Mirrors and mirrored walls
  • Glass desk and furniture tops

Damaged or shattered glass on your property is a serious issue that deserves a fast, professional response. Once your home is secured, you want to be sure the replacement glass and accessories offer the best value for your money. Glass Doctor of Jacksonville helps reduce the risk of further damage by ensuring that the glass we install is safe and secure in its casing.

Glass Doctor of Jacksonville is your complete resource for all automotive, residential and commercial glass repairs and installation. Don’t let a broken window become a hassle. Count on our specialists to help you when any type of household or natural disaster breaks your window panes.