Is Glass Recyclable?

Yes. Glass, especially the kind used to manufacture jars and bottles, is easily recyclable. However, other types of glass – like windows and light bulbs – are much more difficult to recycle. With a little dedication and the information below, you can recycle or upcycle your glass products like a pro.

How Is Glass Recycled?

The glass recycling process begins with collection. Recycling management crews collect glass jars and bottles from home recycling bins, returnable stations and more. Then the glass is sorted by color and cleaned to remove any labels, residue or impurities. Finally, it is melted and molded into new products.

Auto Glass and Window Glass Recycling

Auto glass and window glass may look very similar to glass containers, but the chemical composition of the glass is very different. Modern window glass (for cars and buildings) is also often coated, making it less suitable for melting. In short, it’s more difficult to recycle window and windshield glass than it is to recycle glass containers. Glass professionals like Glass Doctor, or building materials recycling facilities, are usually the best resource for finding out where to bring your broken window glass.

When auto glass or window glass is recycled, it is rarely used to create new window panes. Rather, manufacturers usually make it into fiberglass – a reinforced plastic material composed of glass fibers embedded in a resin matrix – or other building materials.

How Can I Repurpose Old Windows?

Old windows and old window frames can be repurposed for both functional and decorative purposes. From painted window-pane wall art to DIY greenhouses, upcycling windows makes for fun creative projects. Looking for inspiration for upcycling your windows? Check out a few of our favorite projects.

Glass Doctor Window Glass Recycling and Repair Initiatives

While it may be more difficult to recycle auto glass and window glass than it is to recycle bottles, the effort is worth it. Cities, manufacturers, people like you and companies like Glass Doctor take important steps to keep broken or chipped windows out of landfills.

At Glass Doctor, we make every effort to repair your broken windshields or windows before exploring replacement – saving you money and saving glass from the landfill. Glass Doctor locations across North America engage in industry best practices for glass recycling.

Let Glass Doctor fix and recycle your panes! Find your local Glass Doctor online to check out your local glass professionals, or schedule an appointment online. If you’d like to know more about our glass recycling initiatives, call 833-974-0209 today.

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