Advance Measurement System

Regardless of where it occurs, glass damage is always an inconvenience business owners need to address quickly. When it comes to your business' glass, quick repair is even more critical due to the risk of lost revenue caused by down time. To ensure you're prepared for any eventuality, you need to have a business recovery plan that includes glass repair. To help you create a proactive plan, Glass Doctor® of Tampa Bay offers the Advance Measurement system.

Faster Emergency Repair for Tampa Business

When you call Glass Doctor of Tampa Bay for a business glass emergency repair, we respond with the intention of fully repairing the problem on our initial visit to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, modern glass comes in a vast array of types, shades, sizes and thicknesses, which makes it impossible for us to always carry what we need on our trucks, or stock it in our warehouse.

When you sign up for the Advance Measurement system, one of our glass specialists will visit your location prior to any emergency glass repair. We perform a thorough analysis of your glass components. As he determines the types of glass in use and takes precise measurements, he'll create a diagram with a numbered list of all your glass. We'll give you a copy and keep one on file in our office.

Rapid Repairs

Once the diagram is on file, when you call us for a repair, all you need to do is use the diagram to tell us which glass component is damaged. We'll instantly know what we'll need to perform the job and we can go to work acquiring the supplies. This streamlines your repair timeline. Hopefully, we'll have the glass you need in stock. If not, we'll get it ordered and on the way fast. If we do have to order the glass, we'll dispatch a glass specialist to securely board up your door or window for safety and security.

Replacement Glass Stocking Options

If you have the type of business that suffers frequent glass damage or just want to be as prepared as possible to prevent down time, ask us about stocking replacement glass for you. This ensures that we can perform same-day repairs when the need arises, without having to order the glass.

Review of the Advance Measurement System Benefits

  • Speed: In a business setting, broken glass can mean lost revenue if a business must shutdown for repairs. Being able to respond with the materials needed to complete the job on the first visit means faster repairs.
  • Savings: Downtime costs money. By having a business recovery plan in place to deal with broken glass, you can save the necessity of repeat visits and minimize the opportunity costs associated with glass damage.
  • Security: The sooner we can repair your damaged glass, the sooner your business and merchandise is protected from intruders.
  • Convenience: Once you have a detailed glass diagram on file, all you have to do is call us with the number that corresponds to the damaged component. One minute on the phone is all that's required, and then you can get back to work.

As a business owner, you know that time is money. By letting Glass Doctor of Tampa Bay provide advanced measurement and glass diagramming for your business recovery plan, future glass damage will cost you less time and money. Call us today and schedule an Advance Measurement system inspection of your business.