Window Repair & Replacement

Natural light enhances your home. Cheery rays of sunlight filtering through your windows create an atmosphere that is welcoming, and it gives an open, inviting look to any room. Sadly, ultraviolet light can fade carpets and wreak havoc on your delicate upholsteries, wall hangings and carefully coordinated decor. The specialists at Glass Doctor® of Tampa Bay understand homes in the “Sunshine State” are extremely susceptible to heat transference and damaging UV rays. Therefore, we offer an extensive array of window repair and glass replacement services.

Window Repair

Your windows, which offer so much beauty, style and comfort to your home, are also susceptible to a variety of damages. Tropical storms carry flying debris that is able to crack, break, or ruin your window glass. Moreover, extreme summer temperatures age the seals and frames of your windows quickly, harming the overall appearance and insulation factor of your home.

We employ professional window repair experts, who are ready and able to provide solutions to your window woes. Whether you need a single window repair or are interested in complete window replacement, our specialists work with your schedule, provide on-site assessments, and offer up-front pricing.

Emergency Glass Repair

Our experts conduct window repairs any time, day or night. With our on-call emergency service, you never have to worry about restoring your home’s security after a break-in, or deal with clearing out the pieces of glass yourself. Many repairs are performed in less than an hour, but if full replacement is necessary, we’ll schedule it according to your convenience and use the proper materials to secure the window safely.

Double Pane Windows

Window glass replacement is conducted on-site, as well. The seals inside, and around double pane windows may deteriorate over time, causing moisture accumulation in between the panes. The resulting condensation deposits minerals and other unsightly grime, which creates an opaque appearance. Impossible to clean, the cloudy, muddy-looking glass isn’t just unattractive; it means that your windows aren’t insulating your home. Our experts replace or reseal your double pane windows to restore the insulating abilities.

Specialty Glass Repair

At Glass Doctor of Tampa Bay our experts aren’t limited to window repair and replacement, they are able to assess, price and repair all the glass in your home. From customized entry and garage door glass to a variety of interior glass furnishings, such as tabletops or shelves, our specialists have a solution for your specialty glass situation.

Window Replacement in Tampa Bay

In addition to a variety of glass repair services, we also offer window replacement services designed better insulate and protect your home. With a variety of insulated glass units (IGUs) to choose from, you begin saving money on your heating and cooling costs immediately.

Replacing your windows with new IGUs or low emissivity (Low-E) windows offers many benefits. Metallic oxide coatings and innovative gas fills form an effective barrier against UV rays that damage furnishings. Plus, the reflective properties prevent heat transfer, keeping warm air where you want it no matter the season.

According to, homeowners in Tampa Bay save, on average, more than 30% annually by replacing their single pane glass windows. Homeowners save more than 15% each year by replacing double pane glass.

With courteous professionals, free home consultations and on-call service contact Glass Doctor of Tampa Bay to solve any window repair, replacement or glass service needs today.

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