Shower Doors & Tub Enclosures

Frameless glass showers don't just keep water in your shower; glass shower doors or tub enclosures draw the eye and increase your home's value. Glass Doctor® of Tampa Bay provides your bathroom with eye-catching glasswork, ranging from simple glass shower doors to custom shower and tub enclosures.

Our glass specialists assist you through the process of constructing your dream bathroom. We help you design and plan the shower or tub, ensure it matches your budget, install the glass and give you helpful maintenance tips.

Glass Shower Design Factors

Before you begin planning your new shower or tub enclosure, consider a few details:

  • Are your bathroom's walls made of drywall or tile? Where are the studs? Knowing the answer to these questions helps us determine the weight of the glass your walls can support.
  • Be sure the fixtures are placed in such a way that when the water is on and the glass shower doors are open, water will not escape the enclosure. You may need to replace your shower head to ensure a good fit for your new glass enclosure of doors.
  • Let our glass specialists measure your space so that we can get a precise measurement and avoid any delays. Once the measurements are complete, we can give you an accurate cost for materials and labor.
  • Glass Doctor Tampa Bay will conduct a ventilation evaluation in your bathroom. A poorly ventilated bathroom will suffer from moisture buildup. This may cause peeling paint and encourage mold to grow. To avoid this, you may want to have our glass specialists install a glass steam room kit, which improves fully tiled bathrooms' ventilation.
  • Consider adding our hydrophobic coating glass protectant to your new glass. Our hydrophobic coating is a single protective coating that makes glass more resistant to staining and buildup of dirt, grime and hard water sediment. It can also be applied to any number of other surfaces in your bathroom, including tile, porcelain and windows.


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Shower Idea Center

Be sure to check out our Shower Idea Center. It offers many ideas for your bathroom remodel, including ideas for shower doors. Also be sure to check out our options for glass customization, which includes various finishes, etchings and design options.

Don't delay taking this important step to remodel your home. Contact Glass Doctor Tampa Bay today, and we'll help you build the bathroom of your dreams.