Custom Glass Solutions

Trust the specialists at Glass Doctor® of Tampa Bay for all of your custom glass solutions. We offer customers a wide variety of classic and customizable glass options designed to add unique character and durability to your home's decor. Beautify the interior of your home with custom tabletops, creative shelving solutions, updated shower doors or unique mirrors. Ask us how you can protect your furniture and fabric from damaging UV rays with Low-E glass windows or doors. We offer the options you need that fit your budget. 

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

When it's time to consider custom shelving and glass tabletops you can rest assured the specialists at Glass Doctor of Tampa Bay will assist you from beginning to end. Our experienced specialists will perform accurate measurements and design the perfect glass solutions for your tabletops and custom shelving. We offer a wide variety of edgework choices, thicknesses, shapes, sizes and even tinting options, so creating just the right piece to match your home's decor could never be easier. Be sure to ask our glass specialists about the safer, more durable tempered or laminated glass we have available to help protect children and pets from possible glass breakage. 

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors are an excellent way to add the illusion of additional space, enhance lighting and create the ambiance that helps make your home warm and inviting. Glass Doctor of Tampa Bay offers an abundance of customized mirror solutions that include all of the safety features and decorative options you need to create breathtaking accent pieces and majestic full-wall displays to enhance the beauty of your home. 

Patio and French Doors

When it is time to replace broken glass, upgrade the existing glass or install new custom glass for your patio doors or French doors, Glass Doctor of Tampa Bay has the your solution. We offer an excellent selection of glass inserts including:

  • Convenient double-pane inserts that include sliding blinds
  • Tinted or decorative inserts with matching side windows
  • Durable all-weather inserts
  • Energy efficient inserts
  • Laminated inserts that are hurricane rated

Glass Doctor of Tampa Bay is in partnership with numerous vendors, enabling us to provide you with a larger variety of custom glass inserts for your patio or French doors, and we can have your selected product in stock before you know it. 

Low-E Glass Windows

Reduce irritating glare and the damaging effects of UV rays when you opt for Low-E (low-emissivity) windows for your home. This specialty glass features thin metallic coatings that are designed to reduce the transmission of light by approximately 10%. Not only does Low-E glass help protect your carpet, draperies, and other furnishings from fading due to sunlight exposure, it can help reduce heat transfer and significantly improve the energy efficiency of your home as well. 

Contact Glass Doctor of Tampa Bay today to learn more about custom glass solutions to suit your needs.