Glass Services for Automatic Commercial Doors in Dallas, TX

Retail, grocery, business offices, and other commercial property owners in the Dallas Metroplex area can rely on Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex when it comes to automatic glass door services. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality service and products with every automatic glass door service that is provided. From installation to preventative maintenance, the glass experts at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex are with you every step of the way. As a part of Buy Board & Tips’ purchasing cooperative, we make it easier for members of cooperatives, such as cities, school districts and non-profit organizations, to purchase our services directly from us for the best published pricing available, without having to put everything out for public bid.

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Automatic Glass Door Repair, Replacement & Installation Services

If you are looking for a reliable company to service or install an automatic glass door in your business, look no further than Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex. We offer repair and replacement options for multiple brands of automatic doors.

Our process begins when you schedule an appointment for an on-site consultation at a time that is convenient for you. During the consultation, we will discuss your needs with you, measure the area that needs to be repaired, installed, or maintained then provide an accurate estimate so that there are no surprise costs down the line.

Once the supplies needed to complete your automatic glass door service are in our possession, our specialists arrive fully equipped with all the glass, units, parts, and tools to properly service your doors. Upon completion, we take away the old and damaged parts, glass, and materials. By the end of your automatic glass door service with Glass Door of Dallas Metroplex, all that is left is a clean area with a functioning, AAADM compliant automatic door.

Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) Certified Specialists

The Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers, or AAADM, was created to educate and train automatic door installers and service specialists for the safe operation and use of automatic door systems. Along with advancing the interests of the industry and advancing safety frameworks, the AAADM certifies automatic door inspectors.

AAADM Certified automatic door installers and service specialists are rigorously trained and certified to perform yearly inspections on every type of automatic door. When a business utilizes a company that has AAADM Certified installers and service specialists for automatic door repair, replacement or installation services, like Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex, they are ensured to have automatic doors that fulfill the safety guidelines of the industry.

After the initial installation, it is recommended to have your automatic doors assessed every year by an AAADM certified inspector to maintain the safe and functional operation of your automatic system.

Maintaining Your Automatic Glass Doors

Automatic doors give accommodation and availability to a large number of businesses, medical clinics, schools, grocery stores, retail businesses, and other public buildings. Automatic commercial glass doors give the general population simple access to your business or building, however, without consistent maintenance, these automatic doors can break down. Breakdowns can decrease accessibility to your structure, present security issues, or in the worst situation imaginable, hurt someone. Public wellbeing is the main motivation to have preventative maintenance performed consistently on your business’ automatic commercial doors.

Your business could be liable for any injury or hardship caused by an improperly functioning automatic door. Businesses can and have been sued for these accidents, and you don’t want it to happen to you. Consistently up keeping your automatic doors with regular maintenance performed by a certified AAADM service provider will assist with ensuring that your automatic doors will remain functional and safe. 

Types of Automatic Doors

Automatic Sliding Glass Doors

These are the most popular type of automatic doors for commercial use. Sliding doors are more appropriate for heavy foot traffic because the door slides horizontally and doesn’t occupy any space within the building. These doors are typically controlled with a motion sensor or control mat.

Automatic Swinging Doors

For commercial purposes, automatic swinging doors are typically installed in sets. When installed as a set, each door swings in an opposite direction to allow for foot traffic from either side. There is usually a sensor on the door or above the door frame. Safety becomes an issue with these doors as they swing outward into the space in front of the door, so safety zones with clear space become imperative.

Automatic Folding Doors

Automatic folding doors contain separate panels that fold into each other, forming a series of “V” shaped patterns. Like automatic swinging doors, these doors need to be clearly marked to help users be attentive of where the door folds, so they can clear that space and prevent injury.

Automatic Revolving Doors

Automatic revolving doors are beloved by businesses for the purpose of allowing simultaneous entries and exits without becoming congested during times when there is heavier foot traffic. The automatic varieties keep people moving and can make these spaces more accommodating to those with a limited range of motion.

Choosing the perfect automatic doors for your building can be challenging. Fortunately, the experts at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex are here to help you with every step of the process. We’ll work closely with you to ensure your automatic doors operate effectively and efficiently.

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Advantages of Automatic Doors for Your Business

When visitors arrive at your place of business, what is the first thing that welcomes them? The door. To make a positive first impression on customers, many business owners prefer to install automatic glass doors at the entrance. As an extension of our storefront door services, we’re proud to offer high-quality automatic glass door services.

Automatic glass doors are popular because of the various benefits they offer business owners and customers. Their main benefit, however, is that they provide your customers with a positive welcome.

Additional advantages to automatic doors include:

  • Convenience and Accessibility

    A door that opens automatically solves the problem of having to manually open a heavy door. It’s hands-free, convenient and easy to use. It provides a hassle-free and accessible entrance to your elderly and disabled customers, and customers carrying heavy bags or children. Automatic doors are widely used at high-traffic places like commercial buildings, hotels, and public facilities to demonstrate good customer service.

  • Safety

    Certain automatic door manufacturers make doors that are well-equipped with safety features such as sensors, timers, and wireless remote control to allow you to lock and unlock the doors without having to be physically present. These features ensure your peace of mind, knowing that your office or business is in safe hands.

  • Hygiene Control

    The hands-free operation of automatic doors offers an optimal solution to businesses where sanitation is essential, such as hospitals and food factories. Automatic doors with air-tight functioning can also prevent the entry of dust and dirt by increasing the air pressure of the room, which is suitable for operating rooms and other controlled environments.

  • Energy Saving

    Automatic doors effectively save energy in various ways and can reduce the costs of heating and cooling. The doors open only when someone enters and the doors close after they pass. The automatic element of the door eliminates the probability of doors being left open, leading to the waste of your buildings air-conditioning or heating. Doors are shut completely every time, preventing the heat and cool air from escaping.

Value-Added Services for Business and Commercial Automatic Doors

24/7 Emergency Glass Services

Broken glass can affect your ability to do business, making a glass repair or replacement an urgent need. Businesses surrounding the Dallas area can benefit from our emergency business glass repair and replacement services. Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex offers high-quality support 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all the glass in your business. If our specialists can’t immediately fix or repair the damaged glass in your business, we will do an emergency board-up at the damaged glass site and will return as soon as possible to do the replacement or repair on your business’ storefront doors, windows, or your automatic glass doors. 

Advanced Measurement System

As a precautionary safety measure, Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex recommends businesses to take part in our proactive glass care system. The Advanced Measurement System complements your business’ emergency preparedness and recovery plans by making future repairs faster and simpler. When you enroll in this system, a specialist records and saves the glass measurements and the type of glass in your business’ building.  If any glass in your business cracks or breaks, we quickly arrive with the panes accurately sized and ready for installation using the measurements that we took and saved when your business joined the system.

Security Film

Efficiently upgrade your business’ glass windows and storefront doors with Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex’s selection of tear and impact-resistant security films. Our films allow natural light to enter the building, prevents sun-related fading, and lower energy costs while protecting the glass against intruders and accidents.