Security Film

Other than the glass in your windows and locks on your doors, what’s keeping your employees and commercial property safe from outside elements, intruders and vandalism? At Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex, our window security film provides you with a simple and effective solution. In addition to providing added safety, our window films never compromise the look of the building and provide you with cost-effective, energy-saving benefits.

Security Film for Enhanced Protection

One of the best ways to discourage break-ins and theft is to make it difficult for criminals to get inside the building. The security film at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex is strong and tear-resistant, so it holds glass together, delaying anyone who tries to get inside.

The film will also help protect your staff and property if your area experiences severe weather or an on-site accident. Please keep in mind that the window film does not take the place of hurricane shutters in the event of a strong tropical storm or wind-borne debris.

Other benefits of our security film include:

  • Added privacy: Use tinted films over windows in vulnerable areas or where you want to increase employee and customer privacy.
  • Impact-resistance: Better protect your customer and employees from glass shards when a window breaks.

Security Film for Increased Productivity and Energy Savings

Help your employees feel more awake and happy by allowing natural light to fill the building. Window security films not only give you added protection against glass breaks, but also added protection from the sun. The films at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex eliminate or reduce problems that would make you close the blinds, such as glare on computer monitors and other screens, having the sun in your eyes during the evening or having spaces feel too warm.

Window films allow natural light to fill a room, but block up to 97% of the sun’s infrared lights and 99% of its ultraviolet rays. The type of tint you choose for your film determines the amount of natural light that fills a space.

The reduced glare that window films provide also translates into:

  • Less fading and discoloration: With time, the sun’s UV rays discolor and fade furniture, flooring, items hanging on walls, paint and other objects in its path. Since security films block harmful rays, you won’t have to spend money to replace faded property.
  • Greater comfort: Window films reduce energy transfers, so windows don’t feel drafty during the winter and don’t allow the sun to heat a space during the summer. With this advantage, you’ll gain back areas that you may have avoided because of uncomfortable temperatures that seemed difficult to control.
  • Lower energy costs: Reducing heat gains and energy transfers with window films keeps the building at a more constant temperature, which lightens the load on your HVAC system. You’ll notice the difference in your power bill.

Safety Glass

Safety glass is specifically designed to protect in case of a break by having the glass fragment in a that prevents severe injury. Safety Glass also includes glass made for fire and bullet-resistance, as well as for strength. Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex provides several types of safety glass to provide better protection to your home or business. There are two main types of safety glass: Laminated and Tempered safety glass.

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Tempered Glass

This type of safety glass is cooled at a faster rate than the heat-strengthened glass. Tempered glass is made by heating the panes of glass and cooling them rapidly and uniformly onto both surfaces simultaneously – this is known as air quenching. This glass can be from 1/8" to 3/4" thick and about four times stronger than a pane of glass the same size and thickness. Benefits of tempered safety glass include qualifying as safety glazing material, cannot be cut, drilled, or edged, and when it breaks, it does so in small cubes that reduce the likelihood of serious injury on impact.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made of two or more panes of multiple panes of glass joined together by a layer of plastic. This method is a way to keep the layers bonded together and prevents the glass from breaking into large sharp pieces. This glass is often used in safety applications such as burglar resistance, sound reduction, sloped glazing, and space enclosure. By varying the thickness and color of the plastic insert between the panes of glass, one can also reduce the transmission of solar energy, control glare, and screen out ultraviolet radiation.

Other Glass Provided by Glass Doctor

The goal of Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex is to provide our customers with glass that can keep you safe while protecting you and your business. Below are other options that can achieve this safety and comfort while still maintaining a stylish look.

Bullet-Resistant Glass

Made of several layers of laminate and glass, this glass can be bullet-resistant because of polycarbonate material in between the glass layers that absorbs the energy of a bullet. The thicker the glass, the higher the impact it can withstand.

Protect your building, save energy and stop sacrificing your comfort with Glass Doctor® of Dallas Metroplex’s security film for windows. Contact us to schedule an on-site consultation and to learn more about the benefits and styles available.