Defrosting Your Windshield This Winter

Whenever winter is almost upon us, and the time to start preparing for those terrible couple of months comes faster than we think. For us Texans, it is not snow that we get, but it is ice. Ice can be nearly as bad, if not worse, than snow. Avoid a morning delay and follow Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex’s dos and don’ts to having a clear, defrosted windshield this winter.

Let’s start with the DON’TS of defrosting your windshield:

  1. DON’T pour hot water on your windshield. The temperature difference will cause your windshield to crack, and you will be forced to replace it.
  2. DON’T scrap the ice off your windshield with a metal ice scraper, spatula, or utility knife. This metal will cut or scratch the glass.
  3. DON’T pour a mixture of vinegar and water on the windshield before it freezes, preventing the buildup of ice. Vinegar will eat pits into your windshield’s glass.

Now on to the DO’s of defrosting your windshield:

  1. DO pour cold water on the glass gradually to melt the ice from your windshield or door handles.
  2. DO start your vehicle and turn the defroster on to high. Once the ice starts to melt, use your plastic ice scraper to slowly clear away the ice.
  3. DO get your windshield wipers replaced. This will allow you to safety view the road as the ice and snow starts to melt from your roof and drip down. Good wipers will also come in handy when you are driving behind a large vehicle that is kicking back mucky snow and water onto your windshield.

Keep your windshield clear and protected this winter with your windshield repair experts at Glass Doctor of Dallas Metroplex. If you have experienced a windshield crack or chip and need a replacement or consultation, schedule an appointment with us online