Custom Cut Glass Solutions

The decor you choose for your home reflects your tastes, personality, and lifestyle. Incorporating glass into your aesthetic is the perfect addition no matter your preferred décor type.

Count on our professionals to add the finishing touch to any room. Our team will work with you to design the best custom cut glass tabletops, shelves, mirrors, glass shower enclosures and doors, and more to personalize your existing decor.

Glass Doctor Specializes in Custom Glass for Your Home

Decorating a home is an intensely personal task; don’t allow a superstore to determine your design. Our unique design process takes your individual style preferences into account to create glass furnishings that fit your space. During the initial consultation, we’ll review the types of designs you favor as well as the functionality you need from the piece. Our priority is to make sure that your finished glass piece reflects you.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Tables face daily use, so they must be functional without compromising your home’s appeal. Our specialists can add glass overlays to your favorite wooden tables to protect the piece from damage and wear. If you want to feature an elegant yet distinct fixture in your space, we can also create custom glass tabletops fitted to any base you supply.

To improve the storage capacity of your home, we recommend glass shelves for a sleek addition. These pieces work especially well in areas with more moisture. The glass is easy to clean, so mold and grime won’t destroy the finish. Ask your local Glass Doctor about adding glass shelving to your bathroom or kitchen.

Our team of glass professionals will always strive to create a design that fits your family. We offer a variety of options that will influence the strength of the piece, including thicker glass and advanced edging alternatives.

Custom Mirrors

Custom mirrors bring qualities to an area that no other design element can mimic. We often employ mirrors to turn small spaces into more open and inviting environments visually. Mirrors reflect light, which makes them a valuable addition to underlit rooms and hallways.

Because we create each mirror to fulfill the unique needs of a customer, you won’t have to build your furnishings around the mirror you select. Instead, trust our team to design a mirror that delivers the most impact without disrupting your current decor.

Patio and French Doors

Glass doorways are a statement piece. Our team offers a variety of glass styles to create the entryway that you need and desire.

The location of your glass door affects your design and glass type. For example, if your patio door faces a busy street, you may want to consider double pane inserts with sliding blinds. This type of insert ensures your privacy while reducing noise pollution. If you have French doors leading into your dining room, consider adding decorative glass to heighten the design element and let light pass through.

Our team will repair single panes in French doors or replace entire patio door panes without creating the chaos of a full door replacement. Count on our team to install panes made to match your needs.

FAQs about Our Custom Cut Glass Services

What is the benefit of adding glass furniture and mirrors to my home?

Aside from adding more reflected light to a room, mirrors and glass furniture can:

  • Enhance narrow spaces such as hallways
  • Open cramped spaces
  • Serve as the focal point of a room
  • Highlight aesthetically pleasing areas of the home by producing a reflection of the area

What are some of the unique things that Glass Doctor can design with the custom cut glass service?

In addition to tabletops, shelves, and the like, our team of glass professionals can design everything from small pet doors in existing glass doors to an elegant glass railing for your home. We also specialize in custom glass shower doors, shower enclosures, and bathtub surrounds.

Ask your local Glass Doctor about ways to enhance your home with custom glass furnishings.

How much does it cost to make custom glass?

The cost to customize glass depends on the size and functionality of a piece. For example, it would cost more to design a glass stairwell railing for your home than it would a small dining room wall mirror.

To receive a personalized quote, contact your local Glass Doctor today.

Trust Glass Doctor for All Your Custom Cut Glass Home Projects

Our team is ready to help you complete your home improvement project with our home glass services. While our custom cut glass solutions can add to your home’s value, only your personal touch can add to your home’s comfort. Call us today at (833) 974-0209 or schedule an appointment online to start creating your custom glass fixture.