Advance Measurement System from Glass Doctor of Belleville, IL

Get proactive about protecting your livelihood with the innovative business continuity program, the Advance Measurement plan from Glass Doctor® of Belleville, IL. With this proactive glass care system in place, you have quick repairs without ever missing a beat or a customer.

Make Proactive Glass Care a Priority

The Advance Measurement plan starts with a comprehensive survey of your business. We document all glass panes, doors and windows in your business on a diagram. We also note the size and type of glass along with any special glass requirements. Each pane is assigned a number on the diagram. Once our team finishes, you will note every pane is perfectly represented on your copy of the diagram.

Quick Emergency Repairs

Anytime your business suffers an accident, simply give us a call and report the number of the damaged pane from the diagram. Our experts will quickly match this number with our in-stock panes, which allows us to immediately replace the pane without the need to temporarily board up the site. Anytime you establish an Advance Measurement account, you have the opportunity to pre-establish contact and credit information for even faster replacements.

In-Stock Options

If your business has glass which seems to break regularly, we offer an innovative solution in the Glass Doctor of Belleville, IL exclusive in-stock program. Membership ensures your frequently damaged pane will always be available whenever you need it. You will pre-order troublesome panes, which we will store at our shop until you need them. You own every pane you pre-order, so you can be sure it will be on-hand when you need it.

Gain the Edge with Proactive Glass Care

Joining the Advance Measurement plan is one of the smartest business decisions you'll make. With membership, you will enjoy several competitive-advantage benefits.

Cost Savings

Faster repairs means lower final costs, signing up will make pane repair go more quickly.

Brand Protection

Protect your brand integrity by preventing the need of board ups with our proactive glass care plan. At the same time, this plan prevents the risk of customer and employee injury, which can lead to costly lawsuits.


Instead of allowing damaged windows to welcome nefarious individuals to your business, the Advance Measure plan ensures expedited service to prevent theft and vandalism.

Business as Usual

Our business continuity plan is designed to prevent interruption in your daily business transactions, so it will always be business as usual.

Simple and Seamless solutions

For the fastest solution, pre-establish your credit profile with Glass Doctor of Belleville, IL. This simple measure also prevents any potential billing conflicts and expedites the repair process.

Preemptive Glass Care from Professionals

Since your business is your livelihood, protect it with the proactive glass care of our Advance Measurement plan.

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