Custom Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Charlottesville, VA, offers our customers a seemingly endless selection of customized home glass decor. Everything we make is of the highest quality, and our glass specialists excel at installation services. Quickly and efficiently upgrade your home with bespoke glass tabletops, patio or French doors, mirrors or shelves. We also expertly install low-emissivity (Low-E) glass to reduce harsh UV infiltration into your home. We take great pride in our work and guarantee you’ll be just as proud of the resulting enhancement to your home.

Glass Decor Enhancements

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Glass tabletops are a fabulous choice for adding simple elegance to a room and look great either alone or over a fine wood table. Our glass decor specialists create custom glass tabletops as specified by you, and each piece is guaranteed to fit perfectly. Our tabletops come in many different thicknesses, shapes, colors and edges, including beveled and flat ground polish. If you have active children, we can use tempered glass to protect them in case of breakage.

Glass shelving is a cost-effective way to achieve beauty and style in any room and provides a lovely option for displaying your treasured mementos. When light passes through the glass, the objects displayed are attractively highlighted. Our experts are able to fabricate glass shelves in many different thicknesses, colors and with a variety of edgework options.

Custom Mirrors

When used in your home decor, a custom mirror adds drama and gives the illusion of more space. Mirrored closet doors marry form and function, making a room feel larger and serving as a dressing mirror. If you want to install a home gym, ask our team to install floor-to-ceiling mirrors. We have many years of experience in cutting mirrors to accommodate light switches and outlets. We’ll even install mirrors in your favorite frames.

Patio and French Doors

Glass patio doors are one of the most popular features in homes today, illuminating interior spaces with natural light. They provide easy access, create unobstructed views and come in a variety of options. Choices include sliding doors, French doors and folding, accordion patio doors with multiple panels.

The glass experts at Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, are adept at restoring and replacing broken door glass, renovating entryways and installing entry door side windows. Choose from a variety of glass inserts, including laminated glass, energy efficient glass, double pane windows with sliding blinds and decorative glass with matching side window panes.

Performance features of our glass doors include Low-E glass and impact-resistant glass, which is perfect for storm concerns. Style features like textured glass add functionality by addressing privacy concerns. If you’re a pet owner, why not consider including a pet panel to provide easy in and out access for your pets.

Low-E Glass Windows

Our popular Low-E glass windows reduce glare and filter out harmful UV rays by reducing visible light transmission by about 10%, protecting your home’s furniture and furnishings from fading. You’ll also notice measurable energy savings.

If you’re ready to add a touch of glass decor to your home, consult with Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, today and we’ll be happy to provide you with design assistance.