Advance Measurement System

Glass Doctor® of Charlottesville, VA, offers a proactive way to include glass repair and replacement into your disaster recovery plan with our exclusive Advance Measurement system. We’ll send one of our specialists to survey your facility and take measurements of the glass panes in windows, doors and other glass products. We’ll make a record of the types of glass, sizes and locations, plus make note of any safety glass code requirements. We then create a master plan of your facility numbering the locations and types of glass used and include a detailed diagram for reference during emergencies.

Faster Emergency Repairs

As a part of your emergency business recovery plan whenever glass breaks, day or night, just call a specialists at Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA. As an Advanced Measurement client, simply let us know the number of the broken pane from your facility diagram. We’ll match the number with our list of panes and if the glass is in stock, we’ll be on our way to replace it immediately.

Complete installation in one visit saves you time and money, plus you skip the necessity to board up damaged areas! When you create your Advance Measurement Plan, you can pre-establish credit and give us all of your contact information, which can speed up the replacement process.

In-Stock Options

If you have glass that breaks frequently Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, recommends you take advantage of our in-stock program. We can pre-order your glass so we’ll have it in stock and ready to replace fast, with just one phone call!

Benefits of Advance Measurement

As a Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, Advance Measurement member, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits including:

  • Cost Savings: We’ll replace your glass in one visit, so your business is unaffected
  • Convenience: A quick glance at a diagram will ensure the fastest service
  • Liability: Fast cleanup and replacement reduces the risk of customer injury
  • Security: Prevent exposure to vandalism and theft
  • Expedience: Restore your building with no board-ups
  • Credit: Pre-establishing credit eliminates billing issues and conflicts

Protect your business before disaster hits. Make our Advance Measurement system a part of your company’s disaster recovery plan. Call one of our team members and set up and Advanced Measurement inspection today!