Auto Glass Care

There’s little cause for alarm if a crack or chip appears on your car's glass. Glass Doctor® of Charlottesville, VA, expertly handles car glass repair and replacement for windshields, mirrors, sunroofs, rear glass, and windows. It’s essential to address damage to your car’s glass promptly, as these panes aren't simply for aesthetics but also to keep you safe.

Windshield Care

The windshield plays a crucial role in the safety performance of your car, representing approximately 45% of its structural strength in a head-on collision and 60% in a rollover incident. Fortunately, Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, repairs smaller cracks and chips in about one hour.

Of course, the cost is always a concern for car glass repair. Our specialists have experience in dealing with insurance companies, so we handle the necessary paperwork. In most cases, your policy will cover repairs and our windshield repair services will be free.

Auto Glass Replacement

Most recent vehicle models incorporate tempered glass to ensure passenger safety. Unlike the windows in your home, tempered glass shatters into small, blunted shards when struck. As a result, there are no sharp edges that can injure your car’s passengers. Tempered auto glass cannot be repaired due to its unique shattering properties, so our team will replace your tempered glass quickly.

On your vehicle, tempered glass is likely found in:

  • Windows
  • Sun or moon roof
  • Back Windshield

The team at Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, starts the replacement process with expert consultation and accurate price assessment. Our company is a member of the Auto Glass Safety Council™, so all of our specialists adhere to safe car glass repair and replacement best practices. We ensure replacement auto glass aligns with the original equipment manufacturer standards and we use only the best adhesives.

Auto Glass Protection

At Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, every windshield we replace includes our Windshield Protection Plan at no charge to you. This auto glass care plan covers the cost of glass or one replacement for damage that occurs a year after the original replacement. The Future Installation Package, offered at an additional fee, includes labor and new wiper blades. Add on hydrophobic coating glass protectant to protect your glass and keep the windshield clear during rain or snowy weather. Only one application is necessary to ensure glass clarity for a better driving experience.

Please contact our office today for all your auto glass needs, including windshield replacement, repair and special options.