Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Charlottesville, VA, specializes in providing fast and cost-effective industry glass repair for businesses across all industries. Whether you need a trophy case at your high school or custom shower doors in a condo, our specialists are trained to guide you through the entire process.

Commercial Care Program

Gain the edge on your competition with the Commercial Care program from Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA. Commercial Care customers receive countless benefits, which allows you and your business to never miss a beat if glass is damaged. Commercial Care customers receive priority after-hours response, commercial account setup, discount emergency board-up services and exclusive membership pricing. In addition, Commercial Care customers receive a bonus 15% discount on all auto glass jobs called in by the property, which can be offered to customers as a value-added service.

Apartments and Condominiums

We offer premier custom glass care and commercial glass repair for apartments and condominiums. Whether your tenant’s patio door is misaligned or a window has broken, our specialists perform onsite upgrades, repairs and installations. We offer years of experience installing and repairing workout and pool areas with safety glass. Updating common areas with beautiful glass additions encourage new renters and please current residents. For improved function and appeal, ask a Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, specialist about installing glass showers, custom mirrors and safety tabletops in showers, gyms and locker rooms.

apartment windows


Transform the way your customers enjoy your restaurant with new glass installations or by retrofitting your existing windows and glass. We offer a wide array of commercial glass repair and replacement options for glass tabletops, windows, custom mirrors and outdoor solutions. Our wide selection of decorative glass, sliding glass doors, atriums, windbreaks, partitions and safety glass will improve the external appearance of your establishment. We also offer a vast array of specialty glass to rejuvenate your food service areas, including sneeze guards for buffets and sliding drive up windows.

Schools and Universities

Schools have special glass needs, including one-way observation glass, high-quality windows and doors, glass desktops and glass for science labs. Our team is familiar with these various panes and will assist you in choosing the best type for your specific space. Place your school's special achievements on display with our attractive display cases. Increase the safety of your building with fire-resistant glass. Educational institutions offering housing options can spruce up their dorms and apartments with sliding doors, shower enclosures and custom-made mirrors.


If your retail business has broken or damaged glass doors, windows or glass shelving, it instantly makes it less inviting to customers, while enticing vandals and thieves. Instead of projecting the wrong impression onto your business, contact the experts at Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, for the highest quality retail and commercial glass repair and replacement. In many instances, our specialists can use the lowest cost method and replace the pane instead of the entire window without sacrificing performance. Our experts provide fast and hassle-free window repair, storefront replacement and several other glass services to make your retail location operate more efficiently.

Hotels and Motels

Our experts will transform any overnight stay with our wide array of custom glass options for hotels and motels. We offer several glass options designed to infuse new life into an old space, such as decorative wall mirrors, window replacement and mirrors for the bathroom or dresser. Infuse new stylish shower doors for bathrooms or functional safety glass and mirrors for pools and workout areas to keep your guests coming back.

Cities and Municipalities

Glass solutions from our team will help your municipality or city operate more smoothly. Our low-maintenance and low-energy windows are designed to reduce maintenance costs and energy consumption. We also offer multiple options for increasing the protection of your buildings with fire-rated and layer safety glass.

When it comes to custom glass care and industry glass repair, Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, always puts your business first. Contact us today to learn more.