Window Repair & Replacement

Cracked or broken windows in your home can be a source of stress or even worse, a safety or security hazard. Don’t worry, the experts at Glass Doctor® of Charlottesville, VA, have you covered with our high-quality window repair and replacement services. Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, offers convenient scheduling, great value and guaranteed upfront pricing so there are never any surprises!

Window Repair

Our specialists provide glass care homeowners can trust to last. We offer a variety of services to meet your home's needs.

Emergency Services

A broken window is a constant source of heat loss and drafts and a dangerous safety hazard. If your window glass is broken beyond repair, we'll take measurements and replace it with a new pane as soon as possible. No matter the hour, our specialists will arrive ready to secure your abode.

Double Pane Window Repair

If your double pane windows are showing signs of condensation or a dirty, foggy appearance between the panes, you most likely have a broken seal. This not only affects your home's curb appeal, it also diminishes your windows insulating abilities, ultimately costing you more money than repair service. The specialists at Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, quickly repair or replace the panes restoring the windows.

Specialty Glass Repair

The experts at Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, have the tools and knowledge to handle all your specialty glass and home decor needs. Whether you need repair service for your glass patio doors or desire a glass tabletop installed on your dining room table, our experts will create custom pieces to fit your style and space.

Window Replacement

Replacement windows increase the curb appeal and value of your Charlottesville home, reduce noise pollution and lower your energy consumption. If you’re ready to upgrade your home’s windows, call the specialists at Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA. We offer full window repair and replacement services including single, double and triple pane glass replacements. Upgrade your windows to include low-emissivity (Low-E) panes. We can often upgrade your homes windows while keeping the existing frames intact to save you money.

If you’re considering replacement windows, ask about our insulated glass unit (IGU) options. Our IGUs offer several advantages that lower your homes energy bills and increase your comfort. IGUs use spacers to separate two or more pieces of glass to create separate airtight spaces that increase the insulating effect of the window and reduce the outside noise entering your home.

Additional Glass Services

Hydrophobic Coating Glass Protectant

Protect the glass in your home from staining and scratching while reducing the effects of hard water, mineral deposits, pollutants and the weather with our hydrophobic coating glass protectant. It also works on granite, tile and porcelain surfaces throughout your home!


Glass tinting protects your home and possessions from dangerous UVA and UVB rays. It can also help to reduce your energy bills!

Window Component Repair

The specialists at Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, are experts at repairing difficult to open windows and broken locking mechanisms. Talk to a member of our team about the repair options for sash locks, balances and tilt latches.

Gain the Advantage

The Advantage Plan® from Glass Doctor of Charlottesville, VA, offers exclusive members-only guarantees and savings. For a small fee you can take advantage of priority scheduling, discounts on services and future repairs, a free home inspection and our breakage guarantee for as long as you’re a member.

Reach out to Glass Doctor if Charlottesville, VA, for expert glass care. Schedule an appointment online or call 434-260-5114 today!